Origin: USA  
Genres: Death Metal
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Last update/review: November 3, 2004


With Obituary taking a break in the early 2000's, guitarist Trevor Peres found a new band with which to continue his death metal career. Interestingly, Catastrophic is less a new band than an old one, with all of the other members coming from the New York band Pyrexia. The Cleansing features slightly downtuned, mostly mid-paced death metal, with some hardcore influences, due in part to Keith DeVito's vocals, which often are straight death metal but occasionally are slightly screamy in a hardcore style. Though not identical to Obituary, this album would probably appeal to fans of that group, and death metal fans in general. The band released an EP and a second LP in the 2000's, but disbanded some time after the 2008 release of Pathology Of Murder, with Peres and Pyrexia mainman Chris Bastile returning to their respective bands.

Last Lineup

Keith DeVito

vocals (ex-Internal Bleeding, ex-Pyrexia)

Brian Hobbie

guitars (ex-Internal Bleeding, ex-Pyrexia)

Joe Cincotta


Rob Maresca

drums (ex-Pyrexia)

Former Members/Guests

Trevor Peres

guitars (ex-Meathook Seed, Obituary)

Chris Basile

guitars (Pyrexia)


The Cleansing  
2001 Metal Blade
  1. Hate Trade
  2. Balancing The Furies
  3. Enemy
  4. Lab Rats
  5. Messiah Pacified
  6. The Cleansing
  7. Pain Factor
  8. Jesters Of The Millennium
  9. The Veil
  10. Blood Maidens
  11. You Must Bleed
  12. Terraform
  • Keith DeVito
  • Trevor Peres
  • Chris Basile
  • Brian Hobbie
  • Joe Cincotta
  • Rob Maresca

Born Into Bondage  EP
2005 Merch Mania
  1. A Malice Belief
  2. The Messenger
  3. Dismal
  4. Splendor's Calling
  5. Apathy's Warm Embrace
  • Keith DeVito
  • Trevor Peres
  • Brian Hobbie
  • Joe Cincotta
  • Rob Maresca

Pathology Of Murder  
2008 Napalm
  1. Pathology of Murder
  2. My Crucible
  3. Splendors Calling
  4. The Messanger
  5. Problem, Reaction, Solution
  6. History Is Fiction
  7. Healthy Dose of Hate
  8. Generation Decimation
  9. Enveloping Darkness
  10. Apathy's Warm Embrace
  11. Catastrophic
  • Keith DeVito
  • Brian Hobbie
  • Joe Cincotta
  • Rob Maresca

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