Origin: Germany  
Genres: Power Metal
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Last update/review: January 30, 2010


Chinchilla continues the amusing tradition of oddly-named German power metal bands (imagine trying to promote a tour consisting of Chinchilla, Squealer, and Custard in America). Their early history is a bit murky -- they formed in 1988 and by 1990 had recorded an album, No Mercy, of which not a lot is known (it's not even listed on the official site's discography), and after guitarist Udo Gerstenmeyer left the band, they folded soon afterwards. Four years later, Gerstenmeyer recruited a completely different lineup and recorded what initially was a demo, but turned into the Who Is Who EP. More lineup changes ensued, and finally the band had some stable footing, releasing Horrorscope in 1998 before signing with Metal Blade in 2000. The 2000 release, Madness, is the album reviewed here. Not surprisingly, Chinchilla's style is rooted in Euro power metal 80's-style. They don't have the galloping pace of a Gamma Ray, but are more of a mid-paced melodic power metal band, maybe not too far removed from Iron Savior or Sinner. Overall, Madness is a competent album. It's not going to set the world alight nor impress anyone with originality, but the staples of the genre (singalong choruses, simple but nicely constructed riffs, a power ballad or two, and so forth) are here for the listening, with the interesting cover choice of Kiss' "I Stole Your Love" (staying relatively faithful to the original) thrown in for good measure.

After two releases in 2000 and 2002 with the same members, the lineup change bug has bitten again, with three new members joining the band in 2002, eventually releasing Madtropolis a year later. They still aren't interested in innovation (writing a song called "Heavy Metal" in 2003 seems a bit behind the times, particularly given its Manowar-ish anthemic chorus), but no doubt European audiences will like this.

Current Members

Thomas Laasch


Udo Gerstenmeyer


Roberto Palacios


Criss Schwinn


Former Members/Guests

Martin Obermeier


Michael Vetter


Marc Peters


Josh Näberle


Marc Steck


Artur Diessner


Mike Kuhner


Steffen Theurer

drums (ex-Symphorce)


No Mercy  
  1. King Of Hell (And The Lady Love)
  2. No Mercy
  3. Dyin' In The Dark
  4. Tears
  5. Danger
  6. Love Bites Tonight
  • Udo Gerstenmeyer

Who Is Who  EP
  1. Heaven Or Hell
  2. How The Children Dance
  3. Metal Of Honor
  4. Reborn Of God
  5. Who Is Who
  • Martin Obermeier
  • Udo Gerstenmeyer
  • Michael Vetter
  • Mike Kuhner

1998 Point Music
  1. Hill Of Secret
  2. Heaven Or Hell
  3. King For A Day
  4. How The Children Dance
  5. Reborn Of God
  6. Who Is Who
  7. Horrorscope
  8. The Cross
  9. She's So Evil
  10. Crack In The Mirror
  11. Lies Of Tomorrow
  12. Help
  • Martin Obermeier
  • Udo Gerstenmeyer
  • Marc Peters
  • Steffen Theurer

2000 Metal Blade
  1. Intro
  2. Fight
  3. Freedom
  4. Queen Of The Rain
  5. Broken Heart
  6. I Stole Your Love
  7. Madness
  8. Living On My Own
  9. Where The Brave Belong
  10. Tears
  11. Dark And Light
  12. Anymore
  • Thomas Laasch
  • Udo Gerstenmeyer
  • Marc Peters
  • Marc Steck
  • Steffen Theurer

The Last Millenium  
2002 Metal Blade
  1. The Last Millenium
  2. War Machine
  3. Demons We Call
  4. Nightrain Of Death
  5. Father Forgive Me
  6. After The War
  7. Victims Of The Night
  8. The Boys Are Back In Town
  9. They Are Liars
  10. The Highest Price
  • Thomas Laasch
  • Udo Gerstenmeyer
  • Marc Peters
  • Marc Steck
  • Steffen Theurer

2003 Metal Blade
  1. The Arise Of Madtropolis
  2. Our Destiny
  3. A Dance With The Devil
  4. When The Sand Darkens The Sun
  5. Entire World
  6. Satellite
  7. Heavy Metal
  8. Headless Fools
  9. Turn Around The Magic Table
  10. Money Rules Everything
  11. Battle Of The World
  12. Madtropolis
  13. The Fall Of Madtropolis
  • Thomas Laasch
  • Udo Gerstenmeyer
  • Josh Näberle
  • Artur Diessner
  • Criss Schwinn

Take No Prisoners  
  1. The Almighty Power
  2. Death Is A Great Leveller
  3. The Call
  4. The Ripper
  5. Take No Prisoners
  6. Lost Control
  7. Money Talks
  8. Silent Moments
  9. Stillborn Soul
  10. Rich Hounds
  • Thomas Laasch
  • Udo Gerstenmeyer
  • Roberto Palacios
  • Criss Schwinn

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