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Side projects are nothing new in metal, and in recent years there seems to be an increase in such bands. Coldseed brings together six members from three countries (Sweden, Germany, and Spain), three of whom are quite and Thomen Stauch). The list of other bands featuring these guys is impressive: Soilwork, Blind Guardian, Sieges Even, among others. And yet Coldseed sounds absolutely nothing like any of them. Instead, this is an odd sort of modern metal, with traces of industrial and nu-metal (though the band should not be categorized as either), and Strid alternating clean and harsher vocals, even more so than he has on his recent Soilwork albums. Again, this is clearly not anything like what one might expect from these guys. effort to try something outside the flavor of the month.

Last Lineup

Björn Strid

vocals (Act Of Denial, ex-Disarmonia Mundi, The Night Flight Orchestra, Soilwork, ex-Terror 2000)

Thorsten Praest


Gonzalo Alfageme López


Oliver Holzwarth

bass (guest for Blind Guardian, ex-Paradox, ex-Rhapsody Of Fire, ex-Sieges Even)

Mi Schüren


Thomas Stauch

drums (ex-Blind Guardian, ex-Iron Savior, ex-Savage Circus, ex-Serious Black)


Completion Makes The Tragedy  
2006 Nuclear Blast
  1. My Affliction
  2. Democracy Lesson
  3. Nothing but a Loser
  4. Five More to Fix
  5. Burning with a Shade
  6. Low
  7. On My Way
  8. Reflection
  9. Completion Makes the Tragedy
  10. Hatchet
  11. Vulture of the Throne
  12. At Last
  • Björn Strid
  • Thorsten Praest
  • Gonzalo Alfageme López
  • Oliver Holzwarth
  • Mi Schüren
  • Thomas Stauch

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