Origin: Amsterdam, Netherlands  
Genres: Stoner Rock, Occult Rock
Page online: November 4, 2023
Last update/review: November 4, 2023

Death Alley

The lifespan of Death Alley was rather brief, really -- formed in 2013, gone by 2019, with two albums released in 2015 and 2018. And it's not like these guys lit up the world popularity-wise, they came and went seemingly without a trace. And that's a shame, since Death Alley was one of those undiscovered gems that reak of originality and charm, deserving of a better fate than relegation to unknowns. Style-wise, there are noticeble 70's rock influences, with a fair bit of stoner flair, the occasional occult-ism (the guitarist came from seminal occult metallists The Devil's Blood), and a loose, progressive, jammy style that is a joy to behold. And the two albums, while clearly cut from the same cloth, are noticeably different, with Black Magick Boogieland the more upfront, slightly punky of the two, while Superbia ups the ante with more progressive songwriting and a slightly more diverse, laidback style. Would love to have heard more from these guys.

Last Lineup

Douwe Truijens


Oeds Beydals

guitars (ex-The Devil's Blood)

Sander Bus


Uno Bruniusson

drums (ex-In Solitude, Procession)


Black Magick Boogieland  
2015 Tee Pee
  1. Over Under
  2. Black Magick Boogieland
  3. Bewildered Eyes
  4. The Fever
  5. Golden Fields Of Love
  6. Stalk Eyed
  7. Dead Man's Bones
  8. Supernatural Predator
  • Douwe Truijens
  • Oeds Beydals
  • Sander Bus
  • Uno Bruniusson

Live At Roadburn  LIVE
2017 Tee Pee
  1. It's On
  2. 666666
  3. Feeding The Lions
  4. Supernatural Predator
  • Douwe Truijens
  • Oeds Beydals
  • Sander Bus
  • Uno Bruniusson

2018 Century Media
  1. Daemon
  2. The Chain
  3. Feeding The Lions
  4. Headlights In The Dark
  5. Shake The Coil
  6. Murder Your Dreams
  7. Pilgrim
  8. The Sewage
  • Douwe Truijens
  • Oeds Beydals
  • Sander Bus
  • Uno Bruniusson

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