Origin: England  
Genres: Stoner Rock, Doom Metal
Page online: August 16, 2020
Last update/review: August 16, 2020

Dead Witches

Dead Witches marks another go-around for drummer Mark Greening, who cut his teeth with the mighty Electric Wizard and has also served time in Ramesses and With The Dead. He formed this band along with original vocalist Virginia Monti and have released albums in 2017 and 2019. Judging by the latter album of the two (The Final Exorcism), Greening's penchant for all things slow and doomy is fully intact, with this band somewhat more of a stoner/doom project than the pure ultra-slow doom of the Wizard. The lineup seems pretty fluid, as the two albums had quite differing lineups and all but Greening have been replaced yet again in early 2020.

Current Members

Spring Thompson


Rab McIlrath


Sam Cutbush


Mark Greening

drums (ex-Electric Wizard, Ramesses, ex-With The Dead)

Former Members/Guests

Virginia Monti


Soozi Chameleone


Greg Pearson

guitars RIP: October 28, 2016, suicide

Oliver Hill


Carl Geary



2017 Heavy Psych
  1. Intro
  2. Dead
  3. Drawing Down the Moon
  4. Ouija
  5. Mind Funeral
  6. A World of Darkness
  • Virginia Monti
  • Greg Pearson
  • Carl Geary
  • Mark Greening

The Final Exorcism  
2019 Heavy Psych
  1. There's Someone There
  2. The Final Exorcism
  3. Goddess of the Night
  4. When Do the Dead See the Sun
  5. The Church by the Sea
  6. Lay, Demon
  7. Fear the Priest
  • Soozi Chameleone
  • Oliver Hill
  • Carl Geary
  • Mark Greening

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