Origin: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Page online: November 26, 2006
Last update/review: October 15, 2007


"Slayer clones" seems to be the standard description for this new Indiana quartet, who have debuted with One (Hellbound) on the Metal Blade label in 2006. And yes, if one disregards the vocals for the moment, then Slayer is without question a major soundalike, from the riffing, song structures, guitar leads, even some Lombardo-esque drum fills. Vocalist Nate Olp doesn't sound at all like Tom Araya, instead going for a more deathy rasp, arguably less distinctive than Araya or anyone else for that matter (in other words, the vocals are rather samey). In time the band may well choose to branch out in another direction, or at least vary things a bit to avoid the continual comparisons to Slayer. But for now, One is an excellent modern thrash album, and really, this album is every bit as good as the last few Slayer releases (a compliment to both bands).

Current Members

Nate Olp

bass/vocals (Lair Of The Minotaur)

Ben Parrish


Scott Wilson


Dusin Boltjes



One (Hellbound)  
2006 Metal Blade
  1. Repentagram
  2. Withdrawal Divine
  3. Vagrant Idol
  4. Beyond Obscene
  5. Perfection And The Infection
  6. Heathen Up (Out For Blood)
  7. Cheat The Leader
  8. Matador
  9. To Serve Is To Destroy
  10. Ironsides
  11. I Am Weapon
  12. Hellraisers
  • Nate Olp
  • Ben Parrish
  • Scott Wilson
  • Dusin Boltjes

Two (Poverty)  
2007 Metal Blade
  1. Never Enough Road
  2. Expression of Immunity
  3. Knuckle Eye
  4. Leprosaic Belief
  5. Language of Oblivion
  6. Tusk and Claw
  7. Appreciation For Misery
  8. Engineer
  9. Celebration of Damage
  10. Acid Lung
  11. Stress Fetish
  12. Blackish Silver
  • Nate Olp
  • Ben Parrish
  • Scott Wilson
  • Dusin Boltjes

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