Thrash Metal

8 Foot Sativa Desaster Iron Angel Redimoni
A Perfect Murder Despair Iron Cross Redrum
Abattoir Destruction Ironchrist Response Negative
Abhorrent Destructor Izegrim Revenant
Abigail Detente Jersey Dogs Reviolence
Abigail Williams Detritus Jurassic Jade Revocation
Absence Of The Sacred Devastation The Kandidate Rigor Mortis
Accu§er Dew-Scented Kayser Ritual Carnage
Acid Drinkers Disciples Of Power Kazjurol Rumpelstiltskin Grinder
Acid Reign Disharmonic Orchestra Killix Sabbat
Acid Storm Divine Decay King's-Evil Sacred Chao
Acrophet Domination Black Korzus Sacred Reich
Act Of Defiance Dorsal Atlantica Kreator Sacrifice
Aftermath Drifter The Krixhjälters Sacrilege B.C.
Agent Steel Droid Kublai Khan Sadus
Airdash Drop Hammer Laaz Rockit Sarcofago
Aloop Droys Lamb Of God Sargon
Amboog-A-Lard Dublin Death Patrol Last Descendants Satan's Wrath
Amulance Duskmachine Lawnmower Deth Savage Messiah
Anacrusis Dymaxion Lazarus Savage Steel
Angelus Apatrida Dyoxen Legion Of The Damned Sepultura
Anger As Art Earthquake Lich King Seventh Angel
Angkor Wat Electrocute Living Death Shah
Anihilated Energetic Krusher Lost Society Shatter Messiah
Annihilator Enforcer Ludichrist Short Sharp Shock
Anthrax Epidemic M-Pire Of Evil Silence
Antidote Equinox Mace Sindrome
Anvil Bitch Eruption Machine Head Skeletonwitch
Apocalypse Ethereal Scourge Mad Dragzter Skeptic Sense
Arakain Eudoxis Majster Kat Skinlab
Arch Enemy Evil Invaders Malón Slammer
Artillery Evildead Mandator Slaughtbbath
Aspid Evile Manifest Destiny Slaughter
Assassin Excidium Mantic Ritual Slaughter House
Assaulter Exciter Masters Of Metal Slave Zero
Astharoth Exhorder Mastery Slayer
Asyllex Exodus Mayhem Slayer (SA)
At War Exumer Meanstreak Sodom
Atrophy Faith Or Fear Meatlocker Seven Sodomizer
Aura Noir The Fallen Megadeth Solitude
Avenger Of Blood Farscape Meltdown Soothsayer
Ballistic Fatal Embrace Memorain Space Eater
Battered F.K.U. Merciless Death Spectral Incursion
Battlecross Flames Metal Messiah Speed Kill Hate
Betrayer Flesh Made Sin Metallica Stam1na
Bewitched Flotsam & Jetsam Mezzrow Steep
Bezerker Forbidden Midas Touch Stone
Bio-Cancer Forced Entry Mitra Stone Vengeance
Bitter End Fueled By Fire M.O.D. Suicidal Angels
Black Fast Gack Mokoma Suicidal Tendencies
Blessed Death Gama Bomb Monarch Suicide Watch
Blind Illusion Gammacide Morbid Saint Sun Descends
Blood Feast Gargoyle Mordred Surrealist
Blood Tsunami Generation Kill Morfeus Swashbuckle
Bloodcum Ghoul Mortal Sin Synaptik
Bloodlust Gnosis Mortifier Tankard
Blunt Force Trauma Gothic Slam Mortillery Target
Bolthard Graveheart Municipal Waste Taurus
Bonded By Blood The Great Kat Muro Tearabyte
Bulldozer Grimfist Napalm Temple Of Brutality
Byfrost Grinder Nasty Savage Tenet
Bywar Grip Inc. Necronomicon Tension
Carnal Forge Guillotine Necropanther Terror 2000
Carnivore Hades Nervosa Testament
Castrofate Hallows Eve Nihilist Threat Signal
Cataract Hammerwhore NME Toranaga
Cerebral Fix Harlott No Return Torque
Channel Zero Harter Attack Nocturnal Breed Tourniquet
Chemical Annihilation Hatchet Nocturnal Fear Toxic Holocaust
Children Of Technology Hatesphere Non-Human Level Toxik
Chimaira Hatriot Nuclear Assault Tynator
Combat The Haunted Num Skull Tyrannicide
Corporation 187 Have Mercy Objector Ultimatum
Coroner Havoc Mass Obliveon Uncle Slam
Coven HavocHate Obscene Gesture United
Cranium Havok Occult Unleashed Power
Cripper Head On Collision Odium Urn
Crisix Heathen Of Rytes Vampire
Critical Solution Hellbastard Old Vektor
The Crown Hellbringer Omnitron Vengeance Rising
The Crucified Hellfighter Once Dead Vendetta
Cruel Force Hellhound One Man Army And The Undead Quartet Venom Inc.
Crustacean Hellish Crossfire Onkel Tom Viking
Cryptic Warning Hellwitch Onslaught Vindicator
Cyclone Hermética Original Sin Vio-lence
Cyclone Temple Hexen Outrage Violator
Cyst Hexenhaus Overdose Violent Force
Daemos Hexx Overkill Virgin Snatch
D.A.M. Hirax Overkill Voice Of Destruction
Damien Hobbs Angel Of Death Ovif Volcano
Dark Angel Holocross Panic Volition
Darkness Holy Moses Panzer Vulcano
D.B.C. Holy Terror Pänzer War-saw
De Lirium's Order Horfixion Paradox Warbeast
Dead Head Hot Buttered Anal Phantasm Warbringer
Dead Horse Hurtlocker Piece Dogs Warfect
Dead To This World Hyades Polarized Wargasm
Dearly Beheaded Hydra Vein Poltergeist Warning SF
Death Angel Ice Age Powermad Warpath
Death Breath Ignorance Primal Scream Weaponizer
Deathchain Imagika Principality Of Hell Wehrmacht
Deathrow Immaculate Protector West Of Hell
Deathwish Immension Psychosis Whiplash
Deathwitch Impious Pyracanda Witchery
Defiance I.N.C. Raise Hell Witchtrap
Defleshed In Malice's Wake Ramming Speed Wolf Spider
Dekapitator Indestroy Rampage Xenoblight
Deliverance Infernal Majesty Razor Xentrix
Demiricous Insane Razor Of Occam Yyrkoon
Demolition Hammer Interzone Realm Zimmers Hole
Demonica Intruder Re-Animator Znowhite
Denial Fiend Invocator Reckless Tide Zoetrope

Active bands are in bold.

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