Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Last update/review: February 8, 2015


Viking is one of several Los Angeles bands with a common story -- appear on a Metal Massacre compilation (here, VIII), release a few albums and fade away in obscurity. Here the material was speedy thrash typical of the period, nothing outstanding but good for the time. After two albums, the band broke up in 1989 after Ron Eriksen and Matt Jordan became Christian and felt they no longer could commit to the band. It was later revealed that the two "brothers" Ron and Brett were neither Eriksens nor brothers, as the naming was simply a marketing ploy.

After a long absence, Ron Eriksen put a new version of the band together in 2011 and a new album was released in 2015.

Current Members

Ron Eriksen (Ron Daniel)


Mike Gonzalez

bass (Dark Angel)

Former Members/Guests

Brett Eriksen (Brett Sarachek)

guitars (ex-Dark Angel)

James Lareau


Matt Jordan


Gene Hoglan (guest)

drums (Dark Angel, Daemon, ex-Death, Dethklok, ex-Fear Factory, Mechanism, ex-Memorain, ex-Old Man's Child, ex-Phantasm, ex-Strapping Young Lad, ex-Testament, ex-Tenet, ex-Devin Townsend, Zimmers Hole)


Do Or Die  
1987 Metal Blade
  1. Warlord
  2. Hellbound
  3. Militia Of Death
  4. Prelude / Scavenger
  5. Valhalla
  6. Burning From Within
  7. Berserker
  8. Killer Unleashed
  9. Do Or Die
  • Ron Eriksen
  • Brett Eriksen
  • James Lareau
  • Matt Jordan

Man Of Straw  
1989 Metal Blade
  1. White Death
  2. They Raped The Land
  3. Twilight Fate
  4. The Trial
  5. Case Of The Stubborns
  6. Winter
  7. Hell Is For Children
  8. Creative Divorce
  9. Man Of Straw
  • Ron Eriksen
  • Brett Eriksen
  • James Lareau
  • Matt Jordan

Metal Versus Straw  COMPILATION
2013 independent
  1. Warlord
  2. Hellbound
  3. Militia of Death
  4. Prelude/Scavenger
  5. Valhalla
  6. Burning From Within
  7. Berserker
  8. Killer Unleashed
  9. Do or Die
  10. White Death
  11. They Raped the Land
  12. Twilight Fate
  13. The Trial
  14. Case of the Stubborns
  15. Winter
  16. Hell is for Children (Pat Benatar cover)
  17. Creative Divorce
  18. Man of Straw

No Child Left Behind  
2015 independent
  1. On Flight 182
  2. By The Brundlefly
  3. Blood Eagle
  4. Debt To Me
  5. An Ideal Opportunity
  6. Eaten By A Bear
  7. Wretched Old Mildred
  8. A Thousand Reasons I Hate You
  9. Helen Behind The Door
  10. Burning From Within
  11. An Ideal Opportunity
  • Ron Eriksen
  • Mike Gonzalez
  • Gene Hoglan

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