Origin: Atlanta, Georga, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Last update/review: August 23, 2008

Hallows Eve

Hallow's Eve was a rather typical Metal Blade band of the eighties, playing classic aggressive thrash metal. Three records were made following the obligatory Metal Massacre compilation appearance, and they then disbanded, scattering to various local area bands. As of late 2003 the band was alive once again, led by bassist (and now vocalist) Tommy Stewart. After several lineup shifts, work began on a new album, Evil Never Dies, which eventually got released in 2005.

Current Members

Stacy Anderson


Doyle Bright

guitars (ex-Rigor Mortis)

Chris Abbamonte


Tommy Stewart


Patrick Pascucci


Former Members/Guests

David Stuart


Brandon Ottinger


Skellator (Steve Shoemaker)


Ronny Appoldt


Tym Helton


Rob Clayton


Dane Jensen


Jim Gorman



Tales Of Terror  
1985 Metal Blade
  1. Plugging To Megadeth
  2. Outer Limits
  3. Horror Show
  4. The Mansion
  5. There Are No Rules
  6. Valley Of The Dolls
  7. Metal Merchants
  8. Hallow's Eve Including Routine
  • Stacy Anderson
  • David Stuart
  • Skellator
  • Tommy Stewart
  • Ronny Appoldt

Death And Insanity  
1986 Metal Blade
  1. Death And Insanity
  2. Goblet Of Gore
  3. Lethal Tendencies
  4. Obituary
  5. Plea Of The Aged
  6. Suicide
  7. D.I.E.
  8. Attack Of The Iguana
  9. Nefarious
  10. Nobody Lives Forever
  11. Death And Insanity (Reprise)
  • Stacy Anderson
  • David Stuart
  • Tommy Stewart
  • Tym Helton

1988 Metal Blade
  1. Speed Freak
  2. Sheer Heart Attack
  3. Rot Gut
  4. Monument (To Nothing)
  5. Pain Killer
  6. The Mighty Decibel
  7. The Righteous Ones
  8. No Sanctuary
  • Stacy Anderson
  • David Stuart
  • Tommy Stewart
  • Rob Clayton

Evil Never Dies  
2005 Xtreem
  1. Soldier
  2. Monkey’s Paw
  3. Technicolour Roadkill
  4. Looking Glass
  5. Sweetest Tongue, Sharpest Tooth
  6. Interlude
  7. Vampires Drink Deep
  8. Evil Never Dies (including Black Queen)
  9. The Ballad Of Mortuary Harry
  • Brandon Ottinger
  • Skellator
  • Tommy Stewart
  • Dane Jensen

The Neverending Sleep  
  1. Night Of The Never-Ending Sleep
  2. Dominion Resurrected
  3. Army Of One
  4. Dance Of The Dead
  5. 72 Virgins
  6. Bed Of Nails
  7. Interface
  8. Doors Of Misery
  9. Through Dark And Dawn
  10. The Sun Must Die
  • Stacy Anderson
  • Doyle Bright
  • Chris Abbamonte
  • Tommy Stewart
  • Jim Gorman

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