Origin: Phoenix, Arizona, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Last update/review: June 23, 2015


Kudos to Tom Gattis for perseverance, this being the fourth band for the vocalist/guitarist, after stints with Deuce in the late 70's, Tension in the 80's, and Wardog in the 90's. Ballistic (named Afterburn in its early incarnation) was his latest venture, roping in his old Tension pal Tim O'Connor on bass, Jag Panzer skinsman Rickard Stjernquist on drums, and Bulgarian maestro Peter Petev on guitars. The band's self-title debut continues Gattis' penchant for quality metal, this being an energetic speed/thrash fest of the highest order. There are a few nods to Overkill, both in the general pace of songs as well as Gattis' vocals, with impressive riffing from Petev and Gattis and the rhythm section providing the solid backbone one would expect given their pedigree. The album really never lets up, the songs following similar patterns but without lapsing into every-song-sounds-the-same syndrome. Ballistic is a winner. It doesn't look like this band is still around.

Last Lineup

Tom Gattis

vocals/guitars (ex-Tension, ex-Wardog)

Peter Petev


Tim O'Connor

bass (ex-Tension)

Rikard Stjernquist

drums (Benedictum, Jag Panzer, ex-Sargon)


2003 Metal Blade
  1. Collision Course
  2. Watch Me Do It
  3. Corpse Stacked High
  4. Threshold Of Pain
  5. Undefeated
  6. The Dissection / Into The Sever Chamber
  7. Gone Ballistic
  8. Bloodbath
  9. Call To Armageddon
  10. Silent Killer
  11. Call Me Evil
  12. Loud Is God
  • Tom Gattis
  • Peter Petev
  • Tim O'Connor
  • Rikard Stjernquist

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