Origin: Phoenix, Arizona, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
Last update/review: November 29, 2005


Wardog was the band founded by guitarist Tom Gattis following the breakup of the mighty Tension, a popular 80's thrash band. As evidenced on Scorched Earth (the second of three albums released by the band), Wardog stayed true to the speed metal style of Gattis' previous band, with some nods to more modern metal as well. Amidst lineup changes and some internal turmoil, the band eventually disintegrated, with Gattis forming Ballistic and the other three members from the last lineup forming Razer.

Last Lineup

Tom Gattis

guitars/vocals (ex-Ballistic, ex-Tension)

Paul Sullivan


Chris Catero


Eric Bongiorno


Former Members/Guests

Ross Martinez



1994 BSA
  1. Rattle The Cage (Taco Supreme)
  2. Beyond The Soul (Crying Cow)
  3. Rip & Tear
  4. Dead Harvest
  5. Sicko-Sucko
  6. Justice Denied
  7. Oblivion
  8. Blasphemy
  9. Cunt Bitch
  • Tom Gattis
  • Chris Catero
  • Ross Martinez

Scorched Earth  
1996 Metal Blade
  1. Scorched Earth
  2. Sounds Of War
  3. Broken But Not Dead
  4. Seeing Is Believing
  5. Nothing Left
  6. Killing Speed
  7. Bucket o' Beer
  8. Cuz
  9. Tomb Of The Slain
  10. Beast Of Damnation
  11. Damned
  • Tom Gattis
  • Chris Catero
  • Ross Martinez

A Sound Beating  
1999 Metal Blade
  1. Welcome to the new underground
  2. Changing of the guard
  3. C.I.A.
  4. A sound beating
  5. Pain my prisoner
  6. A stronger poison
  7. Sniper
  8. Seven minutes to hell
  9. Dead man alive
  10. Anatreehastreekos haos
  11. Close friends, closer enemies
  12. Breakneck
  • Tom Gattis
  • Paul Sullivan
  • Chris Catero
  • Eric Bongiorno

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