Origin: Oakland, California, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Page online: February 27, 2013
Last update/review: July 31, 2022


Singing on some of the most iconic thrash albums of the 80's, former Exodus singer Steve "Zetro" Souza is a thrash legend. Since his departure from that band back in 2004, he's been involved in a few projects, never too far from the public eye, but Hatriot is his baby, bringing his old-school inspiration to the fore and featuring none other than his two sons as the rhythm section. Bringing on a son to play with the old man isn't unheard of in metal (Kenny Powell of Omen did it once upon a time), but it's still a rarity and kind of nice thing to see. Anyway, if there was any doubt about what musical direction Hatriot might be going, rest assured -- frankly sounding more like old-school Exodus than the current version of Exodus themselves, yet not without some nods to more modern songwriting and production values. So, not completely retro, but decidedly influenced by his past, Zetro and crew have made their mark on the modern thrash world. Zetro is back in Exodus but bassist/son Cody Sousa has since stepped up to the mic for their third album.

Current Members

Kosta Varvatakis


Kevin Paterson


Cody Souza


Nick Souza


Former Members/Guests

Steve Souza

vocals (Dublin Death Patrol, Exodus, ex-Tenet)

Miguel Esparza


Justin Cole



Heroes Of Origin  
2013 Massacre
  1. Suicide Run
  2. Weapons of Class Destruction
  3. Murder American Style
  4. Blood Stained Wings
  5. The Violent Times of My Dark Passenger
  6. Globicidal
  7. And Your Children to Be Damned
  8. The Mechanics of Annihilation
  9. Shadows of the Buried
  10. Heroes of Origin
  • Steve Souza
  • Miguel Esparza
  • Kosta Varvatakis
  • Cody Souza
  • Nick Souza
2013 Readers' Album #31

Dawn Of The New Centurian  
2014 Massacre
  1. From My Cold Dead Hands
  2. Your Worst Enemy
  3. The Fear Within
  4. Honor the Rise and Fall
  5. Superkillafragsadisticactsaresoatrocious
  6. Silence in the House of the Lord
  7. World Funeral
  8. Dawn of the New Centurion
  9. Consolation for the Insane
  • Steve Souza
  • Justin Cole
  • Kosta Varvatakis
  • Cody Souza
  • Nick Souza
2014 Readers' Album #24

From Days Unto Darkness  
2019 Massacre
  1. One Less Hell
  2. Daze Into Darkness
  3. Carnival Of Execution
  4. Organic Remains
  5. World, Flesh & Devil
  6. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
  7. In The Mind Of The Mad
  8. Delete
  9. Ethereal Nightmare
  • Kosta Varvatakis
  • Kevin Paterson
  • Cody Souza
  • Nick Souza

The Vale Of Shadows  
2022 Massacre
  1. Horns & Halos
  2. The Hate Inside
  3. Forceful Balance
  4. Verminious and Vile
  5. Clemency Denied
  6. The Twenty Fifth Hour
  7. Only Red Remains
  8. Mark of the Tyrant
  9. Vale of Shadows
  10. Murderous Tranquility
  11. Hymn for the Wicked
  • Kosta Varvatakis
  • Kevin Paterson
  • Cody Souza
  • Nick Souza

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