Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Last update/review: December 20, 2012

One Man Army And The Undead Quartet

This lengthy-titled band was one of several offshoots of The Crown, here featuring vocalist Johan Lindstrand. As heard on their debut album, 21st Century Killing Machine, their style wasn't a million miles away from The Crown, but nor was it a continuation of that band either. Rather, they played crunchy, modern thrash (inevitably bands in this style are compared to The Haunted, and One Man Army are in the same league), relentless and intense, with a spot-on production and venomous, convincing vocals from Lindstrand. After four albums, the band called it quits in late 2012, with Lindstrand back in his old, reformed band.

Last Lineup

Johan Lindstrand

vocals (The Crown)

Mattias Bolander


Jonas Blom

guitars (Runemagick)

Robert Axelsson


Marek Dobrowolski


Former Members/Guests

Ralph Pimentel

guitars (ex-Old)

Pekka Kiviaho

guitars (ex-Persuader)

Mikael Lagerblad



21st Century Killing Machine  
2006 Nuclear Blast
  1. Killing Machine
  2. Devil On The Red Carpet
  3. Public Enemy No 1
  4. No Apparent Motive
  5. Hell Is For Heroes
  6. When Hatred Comes To Life
  7. So Grim So True So Real
  8. Behind The Church
  9. Branded By Iron
  10. Bulldozer Frenzy
  11. The Sweetness Of Black
  12. Mary’s Raising The Dead
  • Johan Lindstrand
  • Ralph Pimentel
  • Mikael Lagerblad
  • Robert Axelsson
  • Marek Dobrowolski

Error In Evolution  
2007 Nuclear Blast
  1. Mine for the Taking
  2. Knights in Satan's Service
  3. Such a Sick Boy
  4. The Supreme Butcher
  5. The Sun Never Shines
  6. See Them Burn
  7. Nightmare in Ashes and Blood
  8. He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)
  9. Heaven Knows No Pain
  10. Hail the King
  • Johan Lindstrand
  • Pekka Kiviaho
  • Mikael Lagerblad
  • Robert Axelsson
  • Marek Dobrowolski

Grim Tales  
2008 Massacre
  1. Black Clouds
  2. Misfit With A Machinegun
  3. Saint Lucifer
  4. Cursed By The Knife
  5. A Date With Suicide
  6. Death Makes It All Go Away
  7. Dominator Of The Flesh
  8. Bonebreaker Propaganda
  9. Make Them Die Slowly
  10. The Frisco Reaper
  11. Bastards Of Monstrosity
  • Johan Lindstrand
  • Mikael Lagerblad
  • Robert Axelsson
  • Marek Dobrowolski

The Dark Epic  
2011 Massacre
  1. Stitch
  2. The Zombie Syndrome (Of Acid & Man)
  3. Inside The Head Of God
  4. Sandman Apocalypse
  5. The Pleasures Of Slavery
  6. Skeletons Of Rose Hall
  7. Devil's Harlot
  8. Dark Epic
  9. How I Love To Kill You
  • Johan Lindstrand
  • Mattias Bolander
  • Jonas Blom
  • Robert Axelsson
  • Marek Dobrowolski

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