Origin: Laguna Hills, California, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal, Death Metal
Last update/review: January 19, 2006

The Fallen

Front Toward Enemy, the second and most recent album from this Orange County band, displays a sort of deathy, hardened thrash metal, with gruff vocals that seem hardcore-influenced (though this band has nothing to do with the current metalcore rage). The band bash away with intensity, but the songs aren't particularly memorable and the vocals are too one-dimensional. Not a bad album, but not a great one either.

Last Lineup

Mike Granat


Mark Venier

guitars/backing vocals

Bryan Klinger

bass/backing vocals

John Skaare


Former Members/Guests

Henry Higgs


Max Wolff



The Tones In WHich We Speak  
2000 self-released
  1. Suffer With It
  2. The Tones In Which We Speak
  3. All For None
  4. Harbinger
  5. Turning Hollow
  6. Sunken Ploy
  7. To Dust
  8. Descend From Heaven
  9. Bound In Thorns
  10. Bloodwash
  • Mike Granat
  • Mark Venier
  • Bryan Klinger
  • Henry Higgs

Front Toward Enemy  
2002 Metal Blade
  1. Short Fuse
  2. Blessings
  3. What I Have Become
  4. Keep Suffering
  5. The Hopeless & The Frail
  6. Front Toward Enemy
  7. Shifting Our Vision
  8. Killswitch
  9. In Loathing
  10. From Fragile To Strength
  11. Eleven Years
  • Mike Granat
  • Mark Venier
  • Bryan Klinger
  • Max Wolff

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