Origin: San Antonio, Texas, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Last update/review: June 5, 2006

Slayer (SA)

Around the time that Tom Araya and friends were starting out, another Slayer was also in the beginning stages -- this Slayer hailed from Texas, and there was a bit of sniping in the metal mags at the time about which band was "the real Slayer". In the end this band never achieved the worldwide fame of the other Slayer, but Go For The Throat, the group's 1984 offering, is nonetheless a pretty good album, a fine example of the speedy pre-thrash style that was beginning to take hold in the mid-eighties. Moreover, many of the members went on to other established bands, most noteably Dave McClain (who's been with Machine Head for some time) and Ron Jarzombek, later of the mighty Watchtower and now running his own show with Spastic Ink and solo efforts.

Last Lineup

Steve Cooper

vocals (ex-Juggernaut) RIP: May 14, 2006, kidney failure, age 47

Bob Catlin


Ron Jarzombek

guitars (Blotted Science, ex-Gordian Knot, Spastic Ink, Watchtower)

Don Van Stavern

bass (ex-Pitbull Daycare, Riot V)

Dave McClain

drums (Machine Head, Sacred Reich)

Former Members/Guests

Art Villareal



Prepare To Die  EP
1983 Rainforest
  1. The Door
  2. Prepare To Die
  3. Final Holocaust
  4. Unholy Book
  5. To Ride The Demon Out
  • Steve Cooper
  • Bob Catlin
  • Art Villareal
  • Don Van Stavern
  • Dave McClain

Go For The Throat  
1984 UnderDenLinden
  1. Go For The Throat
  2. Upon Us, The End
  3. If You Want Evil
  4. Off With Their Heads
  5. Ride Of The Horsemen
  6. Ancient Swords
  7. TLO 22
  8. The Witch Must Burn
  9. Hell Will Be Thy Name
  10. Power To Burn
  • Steve Cooper
  • Bob Catlin
  • Ron Jarzombek
  • Don Van Stavern
  • Dave McClain

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