Origin: Michigan, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Page online: August 10, 2009
Last update/review: August 10, 2009

Drop Hammer

The Michigan traditional metal band Steel Vengeance had a decent run in the mid-eighties, and when three guys from the '88 lineup broke away to do their own thing, Drop Hammer was born. Eventually they recorded Mind And Body, initially signing to Red Decibel though due to various legal issues Metal Blade finally released the album. Mixing power, traditional and speed/thrash metal, there were some good ideas but the band never took off, and by 1993 they were done.

Last Lineup

Scott Carlson

vocals (ex-Steel Vengeance)

Tracy Kerbuski

guitars (ex-Steel Vengeance)

Bruce Danz


Tom Vallejo

drums (ex-Steel Vengeance)


Mind And Body  
1991 Metal Blade
  1. Bottom Line
  2. Mind and Body
  3. Someday Rising
  4. Feed the System
  5. After the Fall
  6. Electric Skies
  7. Social Strain
  8. The Kindred
  9. Pull the Rug Out
  10. The Sign
  • Scott Carlson
  • Tracy Kerbuski
  • Bruce Danz
  • Tom Vallejo

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