Origin: Auckland, New Zealand  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Page online: December 31, 2016
Last update/review: December 31, 2016

West Of Hell

West Of Hell formed in New Zealand in 2002 and spent several years as an instrumental band honing their craft. Eventually they decided to move, and they landed in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2009. There they found vocalist Chris Valagao, who's got a healthy underground pedigree with bands such as Zimmers Hole and others. The lineup complete, they finally released a debut album in 2012. This is thrash, through and through, leaning toward the classic 80's style but not quite in the retro mold of the hordes of new thrash bands. Valagao has a more powerful voice than many thrash vocalists, and there is a bit more of a nod toward traditional American classic metal as well. Though the field is crowded, Spiral Empire is a solid debut and perhaps a portend of things to come.

Current Members

Chris Valagao

vocals (Mechanism, ex-Memorain, Zimmers Hole)

Jordy Knute

lead guitar

Sean Parkinson

rhythm guitar

Jordan Kemp


Andrew Hulme



Spiral Empire  
  1. Father of Lies
  2. Water of Sorcery
  3. Demon Sent
  4. Faceless the Droids
  5. Unworthy
  6. Singularity
  7. To War
  8. Soul Taker
  9. Spiral Empire
  10. Onslaught
  • Chris Valagao
  • Jordy Knute
  • Sean Parkinson
  • Jordan Kemp
  • Andrew Hulme

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