Origin: Berlin, Germany  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Page online: November 29, 2009
Last update/review: June 17, 2010

Fatal Embrace

Ever since Sodom, Kreator, and Destruction set the standard for Germanic thrash in the eighties, there have been countless fellow countrymen eager to follow in the footsteps of the Big Three. Berlin's Fatal Embrace is one such band, forming in 1993 and releasing an album every four years or so, with Dark Pounding Steel in 2006 their newest. Like most thrash bands these days, innovation takes a back seat to simply bashing out the riffs, and Fatal Embrace are no different, usually maintaining breakneck speed with the occasional slowing down for some, er, pounding metal.

Current Members

Dirk Heiland



guitars (Forest Stream)

T.R. Yorg


Ronald Schulze




Former Members/Guests

Christian Grigat




Martin Rygiel


Marko Thäle



The Ultimate Aggression  
1999 Gutter
  1. Follow Your Nightmare
  2. Under My Sadistic Reign `99
  3. You Deal In Pain
  4. The Last Rites
  5. Point Of No Return
  6. Ultimate Aggression
  7. Nocturnal Anguish
  8. Breeder Of Insanity
  9. Hate Remains
  10. Bonded By Blood
  • Dirk Heiland
  • Christian Grigat
  • Karsten
  • Ronald Schulze
  • Martin Rygiel

Legions Of Armageddon  
2002 Bruchstein
  1. Wishmaster`s Revenge (Intro)
  2. 666 (Massacre In Paradise)
  3. Legions Of Armageddon
  4. Mentally Perversion
  5. Returned To Hell
  6. Trapped In A Violent Brain
  7. Spellbound By The Devil
  8. Depraved To Black
  9. Wargods Of Thrash
  • Dirk Heiland
  • Christian Grigat
  • Karsten
  • Ronald Schulze
  • Martin Rygiel

Dark Pounding Steel  
2006 Pure Steel
  1. Born In Blaspehmy
  2. Assassination
  3. Dont Sacrifice My Soul
  4. Storming In My Mind
  5. Evil Dead
  6. Beyond The Bridge Of Death
  7. Dammed Will Be Thy Name
  8. And The Evil Walks Your Way
  9. In Black Years Of Pain
  10. Dark Pounding Steel
  • Dirk Heiland
  • Christian Grigat
  • Moloch
  • Ronald Schulze
  • Marko Thäle

The Empires Of Inhumanity  
2010 Metal Blade
  1. The Last Prayer (intro)
  2. Wake The Dead
  3. Nothing To Regret
  4. Haunting Metal
  5. Another Rotten Life
  6. Empires Of Inhumanity
  7. Into Your Face
  8. Rapture For Disaster
  9. The Prophecy
  10. Way To Immortality
  11. Ravenous
  12. Killers
  • Dirk Heiland
  • Moloch
  • T.R. Yorg
  • Ronald Schulze
  • Pulverisatör

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