Origin: Bergen, Norway  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Page online: April 21, 2008
Last update/review: February 28, 2015

Dead To This World

Dead To This World is the project led by Iscariah, who's been in a variety of bands over the years but is probably best known for his work in Immortal. The project dates back to 2002, when Iscariah was wrapping up his time in Immortal, and in the intervening years a few guys have come and gone. Eventually a demo was recorded in 2005, and by late 2007 a debut album, First Strike For Spiritual Renewance, was released. Renewance practically defines the oft-used term "blackened thrash", as Iscariah's vocals are firmly in the black metal category while the songs themselves take on a more death/thrash direction. It's a bit samey from one song to the next, but the general feel is strong, with the guitars having the right crunch and the tempos mostly mid-paced. Whether this progresses beyond the project phase remains to be seen.

Current Members

Iscariah (Stian Smorholm)

vocals/guitars/bass (ex-Immortal, ex-Necrophagia)





M:A Fog (Massimo Altomare)

drums (Hate Profile, ex-Mortuary Drape, Opera IX)

Former Members/Guests

Kvitrafn (Einar Selvik)

drums (ex-Gorgoroth, ex-Jotunspor, ex-Sahg)


First Strike For Spiritual Renewance  
  1. I, The Facilitator
  2. Night of the Necromancer
  3. Shadows of the Cross
  4. Goatpower
  5. 1942
  6. Into the Light (Baphomet Rising)
  7. Unholy Inquisition
  8. To Free Death Upon Them
  9. Hammer of the Gods
  • Iscariah
  • Kvitrafn

Sacrifice  EP
  1. Satan's Storm
  2. Sacrifice
  3. Death Courageous
  4. The Malefice
  5. Altar of Mahakali

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