Origin: Bergen, Norway  
Genres: Black Metal
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Jotunspor brought together two guys with ties to Gorgoroth, in the forms of King and Kvitrafn (the two also play together in Sahg). Gleipnirs Smeder does bear some resemblance to Gorgoroth, as indeed this is frosty black metal after all, but there's a noticeable industrial tinge and distant vocal style that at times brings a band such as Blut Aus Nord to mind. Though the project lasted for several years, only the one album was released.

Last Lineup

King (Tom Cato Visnes)

guitars/bass/vocals (ex-Abbath, ex-Audrey Horne, ex-Gorgoroth, ex-I, ex-Ov Hell, ex-Sahg)

Kvitrafn (Einar Selvik)

drums/guitars/vocals (ex-Dead To This World, ex-Gorgoroth, ex-Sahg)


Gleipners Smeder  
2006 Candlelight
  1. Gleipnirs Smeder
  2. Svartalvheims Djup
  3. Solartjuven
  4. Freke Han Renn...
  5. Sol Mun Svartne
  6. Ginnungagalder
  7. Ildkrig
  • King
  • Kvitrafn

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