Origin: Australia  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Page online: October 25, 2009
Last update/review: October 25, 2009

Razor Of Occam

This band traces its roots back to Australia and the cult black metal band Destroyer 666, as the two guitarists here were one-time members of that band, and in fact are still active in that band. After a demo (Diabologue) and an MLP (Pillars Of Creation, released in 2003), the band signed to Metal Blade and eventually released their debut full-length album, Homage To Martyrs, by which time they had relocated to England. Homage is essentially a non-stop barrage of prime blackened thrash, short on variety (really, pretty much every song is the same speed and style) but long on intensity and ferocity.

Last Lineup

Matt Schneemilch

vocals/guitars (ex-Destroyer 666)

Ian Gray

guitars (ex-Destroyer 666)

Alex Antoniou


Didier Almouzni

drums (ex-DragonForce)

Former Members/Guests

Peter Hunt

drums (Assaulter)


Pillars Of Creation  EP
  1. Occam's Razor (Call To Arms)
  2. Mare Of Night
  3. The Kingdom And The Darkness
  4. Mandate Of The Enslaved

Homage To Martyrs  
2009 Metal Blade
  1. Altar of Corruption
  2. Bite of Dogmata
  3. Day of Wrath
  4. Heat of Battle
  5. Immortal Code
  6. Pattern on the Stone
  7. Flame Bearers
  8. Shadow of the Cross
  • Matt Schneemilch
  • Ian Gray
  • Alex Antoniou
  • Peter Hunt

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