Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Last update/review: January 24, 2015


Southern California is simply teeming with young retro thrash bands these days (see Fueled By Fire, Bonded By Blood, Warbringer, et. al.), and Hexen is one such band. They self-released an album, Heal A Million ... Kill A Million in 2005, then essentially re-recorded most of that album and added some new tracks for what they seem to be calling their proper debut, State Of Insurgency, released on the young Old School Metal label and featuring instantly recognizeable cover art from the infamous Ed Repka. As with the aforementioned bands, progress and innovation take a back street to bashing out 80's thrash riffs, and Hexen do it as well as anyone, with arguably a slight nod toward modern thrash rather than exclusively reliving 1985. Time will tell whether bands like this have what it takes in the long term, but for now Hexen delivers exactly what one would expect.

Current Members

Andre Hartoonian


Ronny Dorian


Artak Tavaratsyan

guitars (ex-Exmortus)

Carlos Cruz

drums (ex-Exmortus, Warbringer)

Former Members/Guests

James Lopez



Heal A Million ... Kill A Million  
2005 self-released
  1. Seditions in Peacetime
  2. The Serpent
  3. Redemption
  4. Mutiny and Betrayal
  5. Bedlam Walls
  6. As the Future Awaits
  7. Desolate Horizons
  8. Heal a Million...Kill a Million
  • Andre Hartoonian
  • Ronny Dorian
  • James Lopez
  • Carlos Cruz

State Of Insurgency  
2008 Old School Metal
  1. Blast Radius
  2. Gas Chamber
  3. Past Life
  4. Knee Deep in the Dead
  5. Chaos Aggressor
  6. Bedlam Walls
  7. The Serpent
  8. No More Color
  9. Mutiny and Betrayal
  10. Seditions In Peacetime
  11. Desolate Horizons
  12. State of Insurgency
  13. Outro
  • Andre Hartoonian
  • Ronny Dorian
  • James Lopez
  • Carlos Cruz

Being And Nothingness  
  1. Macrocosm
  2. Grave New World
  3. Defcon Rising
  4. Private Hell
  5. Walk As Many, Stand As One
  6. Stream Of Unconsciousness
  7. Indefinite Archetype
  8. The Nescient
  9. Nocturne
  • Andre Hartoonian
  • Ronny Dorian
  • Artak Tavaratsyan

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