Origin: Netherlands  
Genres: Melodic Death Metal
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This Dutch group formed in 1997 and has taken a largely self-producing route, first recording a demo that was later picked up for a CD release by Skullcrusher Records (Lost Euphoria), and then self-releasing An Epic Defiance in 2002 before signing to Osmose Records, who re-released Defiance as well as putting out Portals To Uphobia in 2005. Uphobia is a prime melodic death metal album, influenced by the familiar Swedish scene (Dark Tranquillity, in this case, seems to be a primary influence) but with enough strong musicianship and songwriting to place them in the above-average category for the genre. In general they are a bit more uptempo than others in the field, a tad more aggressive here and there, while still staying close to the standards of melodeath.

Current Members

Koen Romeijn


Mike Ferguson

guitars (God Dethroned, ex-Picture)

Harry van Breda


Allard van der Kuip


Former Members/Guests

Otto Schmmelpenninck


Thomas Kalksma



Lost Euphoria  EP
2000 Skullcrusher
  1. Failure to Commit
  2. Euphoric Loss
  3. Reflection of a Torn Spirit
  4. Helplessness
  • Koen Romeijn
  • Mike Ferguson
  • Otto Schmmelpenninck
  • Thomas Kalksma

An Epic Defiance  
2002 self-released
  1. The Dawning
  2. An Epic Defiance
  3. The Prophecy Unfolds
  4. Sword-carved Skin
  5. Forever Buried Pain
  6. Crawling Through Vile
  7. The Collision Of Despair
  8. Deserving Death
  9. Voices Beyond Reason
  10. Lost Euphoria part II
  11. The Last Of My Commands
  12. Starve
  • Koen Romeijn
  • Mike Ferguson
  • Otto Schmmelpenninck
  • Thomas Kalksma

Portals To Uphobia  
2005 Osmose
  1. Into Sulphur I Descend
  2. Portals to Uphobia
  3. Structural Deceit
  4. Chaos Banished
  5. End of Sight, End of Fears
  6. Lost Euphoria part III
  7. The Loss of Motion Control
  8. Solitude Reflected
  9. Beyond the Margin
  10. The Source to Delve
  • Koen Romeijn
  • Mike Ferguson
  • Otto Schmmelpenninck
  • Thomas Kalksma

Emission Phase  
2007 Osmose
  • Koen Romeijn
  • Mike Ferguson
  • Otto Schmmelpenninck
  • Thomas Kalksma

2011 self-released
  1. Enslavement
  2. No Turning Back
  3. Feeding On The Madness
  4. Ruptured
  5. Absentia Mentis
  6. Washing Away The Blood
  7. Falling Prey
  8. Insults To My Heritage

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