Origin: Greece  
Genres: Doomdeath
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Page online: March 31, 2007
Last update/review: March 31, 2007

The Elysian Fields

Founded as a duo in the mid-nineties, Greek metallers The Elysian Fields have released four albums in their career thus far. At one point they were on the Wicked World (Earache subsidiary) label (a bit of an odd signing, this is not a typical Earache band), that association lasting for one album before their signing to Black Lotus. On 12 Ablaze, their third album, their style might be described as two parts doomdeath (general song structures, deathy vocals) and one part gothic metal (piano interludes, sweeping keyboards, violins), at times quite engaging, though at other times things drag a bit. Apparently they’ve taken a bit of a techno direction with their most recent album, Suffering G.O.D. Almighty.

Current Members

Bill A.


Michael K.


Marinos A.


Former Members/Guests

John (guest)


Greg Emfietzis (guest)


Jim (guest)


Vaggelis Zaoutsos (guest)



1995 Unisound
  1. I Of Forever
  2. As One
  3. Un Sentiment / I Was Dying Once Again
  4. Of Purity And Black
  5. Foredoomed Elegy
  6. Father Forgive Them (For They Do Not Know)
  7. Elysian Fields
  8. Deicide / The Auspice
  • Bill A.
  • Michael K.
  • John
  • Jim

We ... The Enlightened  
1999 Wicked World
  1. Their Blood Be On Us
  2. I Am The Unknown Sky
  3. Until The Night Crise Rise In The Heart
  4. ...And The Everdawn Faded Away
  5. Shall They Come Forth Unto Us
  6. Arcana Caelestia
  7. The End Shall Be Tragically Fulfilled
  8. The Last Star of Heaven Falls
  9. Wither, Oh Divine, Wither
  • Bill A.
  • Michael K.
  • Greg Emfietzis
  • Vaggelis Zaoutsos

12 Ablaze  
2001 Black Lotus
  1. Enshield my Hate Eternal
  2. Of Dawns, Perished Tranquillity
  3. Rapture and the Mourning Virtue
  4. Weak we Stand Before Them
  5. Ablazing 12
  6. A Serenade Like Blood Caress
  7. Even if I Could Forgive
  8. The Entreaty Unsung
  9. As the Light Disappears
  • Bill A.
  • Michael K.
  • Marinos A.

Suffering G.O.D. Almighty  
2005 Black Lotus
  1. Aeon's Unlight
  2. I Am Your Willing Darkness
  3. Suffering G.O.D. Almighty
  4. Ravished With Thee Light
  5. Unleashing the Propaganda
  6. I See the Lie Behind All the Truths
  7. An Overture of Sorrows Unfolding
  8. All Those Tristful Winters
  9. Anathema Unveiled
  • Bill A.
  • Michael K.
  • Marinos A.

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