Ablaze In Hatred Em Sinfonia Katatonia On Thorns I Lay
Amorphis Enchantment Konvent Ophis
Anathema Esoteric Long Winters' Stare Orphanage
Aphotic Forest Stream Morgion Pantheist
Avernus Garden Of Shadows Mourning Beloveth Paradise Lost
Carpathian Full Moon God Forsaken My Dying Bride Paramaecium
Coffins Godgory Mythological Cold Towers Process Of Guilt
Deinonychus Hamfer├░ Nevertanezra Swallow The Sun
Depressed Mode Hooded Menace Novembers Doom Syrach
Disembowelment Hyponic October Tide Tristitia
The Elysian Fields Inborn Suffering Officium Triste  

Active bands are in bold.

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