Origin: Halmstad, Sweden  
Genres: Doomdeath
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Last update/review: April 26, 2015


Led by Chilean-born guitarist Luis Galves, Tristitia specializes in ponderous, dark, gothic doom metal, with influences from bands such as very early My Dying Bride or older Candlemass. Galves is an inventive guitarist and composer, sprinkling acoustic guitar interludes throughout the songs to bring some variety to the proceedings. Vocally, one hears a combination of black metal rasps and an almost Messiah Marcolin-styled deep croon from Thomas Karlsson (who appeared on the first two albums), while on The Last Grief session vocalist Rickard Bengtsson has a higher-pitched voice, at times slightly out of place here (he sounds more suited to power metal than slow doom). While the overall mood here is always down, there is enough strength in the songwriting to not become monotonous. Having not recorded since 2002, the band is probably done.

Last Lineup

Luis B. Galves


Former Members/Guests

Thomas Karlsson


Rickard Bengtsson (guest)

vocals (ex-Armageddon, ex-Last Tribe)

Adrian Letelier


Bruno Nilsson





One With Darkness  
1995 Holy
  1. Sorrow
  2. Kiss The Cross
  3. One With Darkness
  4. Winds Of Sacrifice
  5. Burn The Witch
  6. Hymn Of Lunacy
  7. Ashes Of The Witch
  8. Dancing Souls
  9. Adagio 1809
  10. Reminiscences Of The Mourner
  11. Dance Of The Selenites
  • Thomas Karlsson
  • Luis B. Galves
  • Bruno Nilsson

1996 Holy
  1. Ego Sum Resurrectio
  2. Christianic Indulgence
  3. Crucidiction
  4. Wintergrief
  5. Envy The Dead
  6. Lioness' Roar
  7. Mark My Words
  8. Gardenia
  9. Final Lament
  • Thomas Karlsson
  • Luis B. Galves
  • Adrian Letelier
  • Alessio

The Last Grief  
1999 Holy
  1. Once upon a dawn
  2. In the light of the moon
  3. Slaughteary
  4. Evolic
  5. Golden goddess of fire
  6. Tears & tequila
  7. Angelwitches palace
  8. Memory's garden
  9. Instrumental hollowcoast
  10. Medievil
  11. Under the cross
  12. Darknia: the last grief
  • Rickard Bengtsson
  • Luis B. Galves
  • Alessio

Garden Of Darkness  
2002 Holy
  1. The Entrance
  2. Path I (Beholder's Tears)
  3. Path II (Black Godz Serenade - Part I)
  4. Path III (As Death Says Mine)
  5. Path IV (When Tears Cry)
  6. Path V (Beyond The 7th Valley)
  7. Path VI (There Will Never Be Another Dawn)
  8. Path VII (Black Godz Serenade - Part II)
  9. Path VIII (Tears Of The Moon)
  • Luis B. Galves

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