Origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA  
Genres: Doomdeath
Last update/review: March 26, 2005

Em Sinfonia

Em Sinfonia is a band/project founded by guitarist Brian Griffin, known for his work in the death metal band Broken Hope. The basic style on Intimate Portrait is doomdeath, with Griffin providing fine doomy riffing and death vocals, but there's a clear female vocalist in the mix, by the name of Bunny, and her clear vocals raise the mood a bit, instead of drowning in sorrow like many doomdeath bands. Add in keyboards, the occasional violin touch, and a fair variety in the songwriting, and the result is a well-put-together effort. Broken Hope has recently disbanded, so Griffin may well devote more time to this band. Doom fans could do far worse than check out Intimate Portrait.

Last Lineup



Brian Griffin

vocals/guitars/bass (ex-Broken Hope)

Sean Baxter

guitars/violin (ex-Broken Hope, ex-Council Of The Fallen)

Rick Alexander


Larry DeMumbrum

drums (ex-Broken Hope)

Former Members/Guests

Paul Kuhr

vocals (Novembers Doom, ex-Subterranean Masquerade)

April Domet


Rob Stephenson

guitars (ex-Warrior Soul)

Mary Bielich

bass (ex-Novembers Doom, ex-Penance)


In Mourning's Symphony  
1999 Martyr Music
  1. Lost Hope Bellows
  2. To Silence The Laughter
  3. In Mourning's Symphony
  4. The Raven's Eyes
  • Paul Kuhr
  • April Domet
  • Brian Griffin
  • Sean Baxter
  • Rob Stephenson
  • Mary Bielich
  • Rick Alexander
  • Larry DeMumbrum

Intimate Portrait  
2001 Martyr Music
  1. Testimonial
  2. For Crimson Lust
  3. Estranged
  4. Lingered Dream
  5. Counting Shadows
  6. Intimate Portrait
  7. Insatiable
  8. Revelations
  9. Portal To An Emptiness
  10. Broken Promises
  11. True Believer
  12. Alone
  • Bunny
  • Brian Griffin
  • Sean Baxter
  • Rick Alexander
  • Larry DeMumbrum

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