Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Death Metal
Last update/review: November 24, 2007

God Among Insects

A so-called death metal supergroup, God Among Insects brings together four musicians from various Swedish extreme metal acts, with the intent to bash out old-school death metal. A better-known example of said concept would be Bloodbath, but these guys pull it off decently themselves, as World Wide Death is a well-done, if not terribly distinctive, slice of mid-paced death metal, with Lord K's down-tuned guitars having a nice dirty edge and Emperor's taking on the growly death approach rather than the black metal stylings in his regular band. WWD is not an essential purchase, but death metal completists may take to these guys.

Last Lineup

Emperor Magus Caligula (Masse Broberg)

vocals (ex-Dark Funeral, ex-Hypocrisy)

Kenth Philipson

guitars (The Project Hate)

Tomas Elofsson

bass (guest for Hypocrisy)

Tobias Gustafsson

drums (guest for Amon Amarth, ex-Netherbird, Nifelheim, ex-The Project Hate, Vomitory)


World Wide Death  
2004 Threeman
  1. Legions Of Darkness
  2. A Gush Of Blood
  3. Headless Nun Whore
  4. Wretched Hatching
  5. Chainsawed Christians
  6. Purified In Carnage
  7. Uprising Of The Rotten
  8. Severe Facial Reconstruction
  9. Uhr-Nazuur
  • Emperor Magus Caligula
  • Kenth Philipson
  • Tomas Elofsson
  • Tobias Gustafsson

2006 Threeman
  1. The First House
  2. F(wh)oreplay
  3. Zombie Torture
  4. They Came In Thousands
  5. Toth' Tauun
  6. Marching Into War
  7. 12th Dimension
  8. Fucked by the Dead
  9. Weaklings
  10. The Bashing of Skulls
  • Emperor Magus Caligula
  • Kenth Philipson
  • Tomas Elofsson
  • Tobias Gustafsson

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