Origin: San Francisco, California, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Last update/review: January 12, 2023

Hammers Of Misfortune

The Hammers Of Misfortune have been blazing their own trail for a few years now, clearly more interested in doing their own thing -- they've never sounded particularly contemporary or modern, yet clearly not a retro band either. Initially their style was a sort of dark, medieval, epic power metal, similar to fellow San Franciscans The Lord Weird Slough Feg (Hammers' John Cobbett and Slough Feg's Mike Scalzi both appeared in both bands back in the day, but each have since taken their respective bands in new directions), but no two Hammers albums really sound quite alike, as an ever-changing lineup has incorporated numerous genres over the years, yet there's still a special something that keeps the band recognizable.

Current Members

Jamie Myers

vocals (ex-Sabbath Assembly)

John Cobbett

guitars/vocals (ex-The Lord Weird Slough Feg, ex-Ludicra, Vhöl)

Paul Walker


Sigrid Sheie

keyboards/vocals (Vhöl)

Blake Anderson

drums (ex-Vektor)

Former Members/Guests

Jesse Quattro


Joe Hutton


Mike Scalzi

guitars/vocals (The Lord Weird Slough Feg)

Patrick Goodwin


Leila Abdul-Rauf

guitars/vocals (guest for Forlesen)

Janis Tanaka

bass/vocals (ex-Fireball Ministry, ex-L7)

Jamie Myers

bass/vocals (ex-Sabbath Assembly)

Ron Nichols


Max Barnett


Chewy Marzolo


Will Carroll

drums (Death Angel, ex-Warning SF)


The Bastard  
2000 Tumult
  1. The Dragon Is Summoned
  2. The Bastard Sapling
  3. On Wings of Vengeance
  4. The Hunting Tyrant
  5. You Should Have Slain Me
  6. An Oath Sworn In Hell
  7. The Blood Ax Speaks
  8. Tyrant Dies
  9. The Witch's Dance
  10. The Prophecy Has Two Meanings
  11. New King's Lament
  12. For The Axe
  13. Troll's March
  14. Sacrifice / The End
  • John Cobbett
  • Mike Scalzi
  • Janis Tanaka
  • Chewy Marzolo

The August Engine  
2003 Cruz Del Sur
  1. The August Engine Part 1
  2. Rainfall
  3. A Room And A Riddle
  4. The August Engine Part 2
  5. Insect
  6. Doomed Parade
  7. The Trial And The Grave
  • John Cobbett
  • Mike Scalzi
  • Jamie Myers
  • Sigrid Sheie
  • Chewy Marzolo

The Locust Years  
2006 Cruz Del Sur
  1. The Locust Years
  2. We are the Widows
  3. Trot Out the Dead
  4. Famine's Lamp
  5. Chastity Rides
  6. War Anthem
  7. Election Day
  8. Widow's Wall
  • John Cobbett
  • Mike Scalzi
  • Jamie Myers
  • Sigrid Sheie
  • Chewy Marzolo

Fields / Church Of Broken Glass  
2008 Profound Lore
  1. The Fields Trilogy: (a) Agriculture
  2. The Fields Trilogy: (b) Fields
  3. The Fields Trilogy: (c) Motorcade
  4. Rats Assembly
  5. Always Looking Down
  6. Too Soon
  7. Almost (Left Without You)
  8. Butchertown
  9. The Gulls
  10. Church Of Broken Glass
  11. Train
  • Jesse Quattro
  • John Cobbett
  • Patrick Goodwin
  • Ron Nichols
  • Sigrid Sheie
  • Chewy Marzolo

17th Street  
2011 Metal Blade
  1. 317
  2. 17th Street
  3. The Grain
  4. Staring (The 31st Floor)
  5. The Day the City Died
  6. Romance Valley
  7. Summer Tears
  8. Grey Wednesday
  9. Going Somewhere
  • Joe Hutton
  • John Cobbett
  • Leila Abdul-Rauf
  • Max Barnett
  • Sigrid Sheie
  • Chewy Marzolo

Dead Revolution  
2016 Metal Blade
  1. The Velvet Inquisition
  2. Dead Revolution
  3. Sea Of Heroes
  4. The Precipice (Waiting For The Crash...)
  5. Here Comes the Sky
  6. Flying Alone
  7. Days Of '49
  • Joe Hutton
  • John Cobbett
  • Leila Abdul-Rauf
  • Paul Walker
  • Sigrid Sheie
  • Will Carroll

2022 independent
  1. Overtaker
  2. Dark Brennius
  3. Vipers Cross
  4. Don't Follow the Lights
  5. Ghost Hearts
  6. Outside Our Minds
  7. The Raven's Bell
  8. Orbweaver
  9. Overthrower
  10. Aggressive Perfection
  • Jamie Myers
  • John Cobbett
  • Sigrid Sheie
  • Blake Anderson

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