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Last update/review: February 22, 2008


Regarded as an influential band in both the death and black black metal fields, Hellhammer's life was intentionally cut short as founder Tom Warrior, realizing the limitations of the band, regrouped and formed the much-improved Celtic Frost. At the time, Apocalyptic Raids drew sharply divided opinions, most finding the raw, simplistic style either brilliant or laughably worthless. Admittedly, this is not a BNR favorite, as the EP is really a pretty amateur affair. What was good about Hellhammer is exactly what Tom took with him to Celtic Frost.

Last Lineup

Tom Warrior (Thomas G. Fischer)

vocals/guitars (ex-Apollyon Sun, ex-Celtic Frost, Triptykon)

Martin Ain

bass (ex-Celtic Frost) RIP: October 21, 2017, heart attack, age 50

Bruce Day



Apocalyptic Raids  EP
1984 Noise
  • Tom Warrior
  • Martin Ain
  • Bruce Day

Demon Entrails  DEMO RE-RELEASE

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