Origin: Buffalo, New York, USA  
Genres: Melodic Death Metal
Last update/review: January 30, 2010


This Buffalo quintet came together in 2000, the members coming from several more hardcore-oriented bands but wishing to play a more metallic style. Herod's music seems rooted in the style played by several metalcore bands these days (occasional shades of Swedish melodic death, frequent guitar harmonizing), but Judah Nero's vocals set the band apart a bit. Unlike most metalcore singers (who either employ the hardcore shouting exclusively, or mix in a scant few clean vocals to the screaming), Nero opts for the clean, melodic style for the most part, saving the shouting bursts for a few punctuating moments. As such, Herod comes off as a bit more dynamic, melodic, and multidimensional than most bands in this field.

Current Members

Jason Russo


Jesse Benker


Greg DiPasquale


Matt Backlas


Mike Jeffers


Former Members/Guests

Nate Seibel


Judah Nero


Chuck Palisano


Bryce March


Joe Villella


Jeremy Partlow



Sinners In The Eyes Of An Angry God  
  1. And Days
  2. They Were Words
  3. Welcome To The Irony
  4. We Become Sick Without Needles
  5. Hearts Don't Play Love Songs
  • Nate Seibel
  • Jesse Benker
  • Chuck Palisano
  • Joe Villella
  • Mike Jeffers

Execution Protocol  
2002 Too Damn Hype
  1. They Aren't Bleeding Petals
  2. When Halos Burn
  3. She Ain't Talking To Me
  4. february Is A Bad Month
  5. When You're Dead, you're Dead
  6. Even The Martyrs Have Gone Home
  7. Don't Forget Your Name
  8. Let This Be The Name
  9. Execution Protocol
  • Nate Seibel
  • Jesse Benker
  • Chuck Palisano
  • Joe Villella
  • Mike Jeffers

For Whom The Gods Would Destroy  
2004 Lifeforce
  1. We Are Those People
  2. Revelations
  3. I Will
  4. A New Hope
  5. Into The Sky
  6. That Green Feeling
  7. When Your Body Falls
  8. The Finch Against The Fire
  9. The End
  10. Winter's Bane
  11. Look Beyond
  • Judah Nero
  • Jesse Benker
  • Bryce March
  • Jeremy Partlow
  • Mike Jeffers

Rich Man's War, Poor Man's Fight  
2006 Lifeforce
  1. Assimilation
  2. All Night
  3. One Life To Burn
  4. Lies And Betrayal
  5. The Fire
  6. Broken Promises
  7. Forever
  8. The Ring
  9. Grand Design
  10. Journey Of Creation
  • Jason Russo
  • Jesse Benker
  • Greg DiPasquale
  • Matt Backlas
  • Mike Jeffers

Curse Of The King  EP
  1. Sexuality
  2. The Dark Deciever
  3. Genocide Solution
  4. The Curse of the King
  5. Jagged Visions

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