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In The Woods ...

The history of In The Woods ... dates back to 1990 and the creation of another band, Green Carnation. With that band splintering in 1992, three of the members (these being Anders Kobro and the brothers Botteri) decided to shift direction away from the death metal of that band's early period, and after recruiting new members, In The Woods ... was born. Originally described as black metal, that term does the band no favors, as the orchestration and experimentations shows a much more varied sound than simple black metal. HEart Of The Ages is the more immediate album, featuring some incredible shrieking vocals (though clean vocals are found throughout) and generally more mid-paced, guitar-oriented songs, while the latter two albums feature male and female clean vocals, more experimentation, and a slightly slower pace overall. Comparisons to bands such as Therion, The 3rd And The Mortal, Celtic Frost, and My Dying Bride have been made, and while In The Woods ... sounds like none of these, there is a touch of each in the mix, along with others as well. They prefered a low profile (indicated by the cryptic band member names, and never indicated who played what), heightening the sense of mystery that surrounded them. After releasing Three Times Seven On A Pilgrimage (a collection of three singles recorded at various times over their career), it was announced that a concert in December of 2000 (later released as Liveatthecaledonienhall) would indeed be their last, closing the books on a quite unique band. Yet in 2014 a modified lineup was again active.

Recent album: Diversum, released on November 25, 2022.

Current Members

Bernt Fjellestad

vocals (Susperia)

Nils Drivdal


Anders Kobro

drums (Carpathian Forest, Chain Collector, ex-Green Carnation, ex-Scariot)

Former Members/Guests

Jan Kenneth Transeth


Synne Larsen


Mr. Fog (James Fogarty)

vocals/keyboards (Ewigkeit, Jaldaboath, ex-The Meads Of Asphodel)

Christian "X" Botteri

guitars (ex-Green Carnation)

Oddvar Moi

guitars RIP: May 13, 2013, cardiac arrest, age 39

Bjørn Harstad

guitars (Green Carnation)

Christer Cederberg

guitars (ex-Drawn)

Bernt Sørensen


Kåre André Sletteberg


Christopher "C:M" Botteri

bass (ex-Green Carnation)


HEart Of The Ages  
1995 Misanthropy
  1. Yearning The Seeds Of A New Dimension
  2. HEart Of The Ages
  3. ... In The Woods (Prologue, Moments Of ..., Epilogue)
  4. Mourning The Death Of Aase
  5. Wotan's Return
  6. Pigeon
  7. The Divinity Of Wisdom
  • Jan Kenneth Transeth
  • Synne Larsen
  • Christian "X" Botteri
  • Oddvar Moi
  • Christopher "C:M" Botteri
  • Anders Kobro
1995 Readers' Album #72

A Return To The Isle Of Men  
1996 Hammerheart
  1. The wings of my dreamland
  2. Tell de døde
  3. In the woods...
  4. Creations of an ancient shape
  5. Wotan's return
  6. Heart of the ages
  7. ...And all this... (Child of universal tongue)
  • Jan Kenneth Transeth
  • Synne Larsen
  • Christian "X" Botteri
  • Oddvar Moi
  • Bjørn Harstad
  • Christopher "C:M" Botteri
  • Anders Kobro

1997 Misanthropy
  1. 299 796 km/s
  2. I Am Your Flesh
  3. Kairos!
  4. Weeping Willow
  5. Omnio? (pre, bardo, post)
  • Jan Kenneth Transeth
  • Synne Larsen
  • Christian "X" Botteri
  • Oddvar Moi
  • Bjørn Harstad
  • Christopher "C:M" Botteri
  • Anders Kobro
1997 Readers' Album #85

Strange In Stereo  
1999 Misanthropy
  1. Closing In
  2. Cell
  3. Vanish In The Absence Of Virtue
  4. Basement Corridors
  5. Ion
  6. Generally More Worried Than Married
  7. Path Of The Righteous
  8. Dead Man's Creek
  9. Titan Transcendence
  10. Shelter
  11. By The Banks Of Pandemonium
  • Jan Kenneth Transeth
  • Synne Larsen
  • Christian "X" Botteri
  • Christer Cederberg
  • Christopher "C:M" Botteri
  • Anders Kobro
1999 Readers' Album #90

Three Times Seven On A Pilgrimage  
2000 Prophecy
  1. Seed Of Sound
  2. Kamakosmik
  3. Epitach
  4. Empty Room
  5. Let There Be More Light
  6. Child Of Universal Tongue
  7. Soundtrax Of Cycoz
  8. White Rabbit
  9. Mourning The Deat Of Aase
  10. If It's In You
  • Jan Kenneth Transeth
  • Synne Larsen
  • Christian "X" Botteri
  • Oddvar Moi
  • Bjørn Harstad
  • Christopher "C:M" Botteri
  • Anders Kobro

Liveatthecaledonienhall  LIVE
2003 Prophecy
  1. Medley On Heartworks
  2. Heart Of The Ages
  3. Beer
  4. White Rabbit
  5. Mourning The Death of Aase
  6. 796 Km/s
  7. I Am Your Flesh
  8. Kairos
  9. Weeping Willow
  10. Omnio (pre)
  11. Omnio (bardo+post)
  12. Empty Room
  13. Don't Care
  14. Dead Man.s Creek
  15. Karmakosmik
  16. Path Of The Righteous
  17. Titan Transcendence
  18. Epitaph
  19. Closing In
  • Jan Kenneth Transeth
  • Synne Larsen
  • Christian "X" Botteri
  • Oddvar Moi
  • Bjørn Harstad
  • Christer Cederberg
  • Christopher "C:M" Botteri
  • Anders Kobro

2016 Debemur Morti
  1. Pure
  2. Blue Oceans Rise (Like a War)
  3. Devil's at the Door
  4. The Recalcitrant Protagonist
  5. The Cave of Dreams
  6. Cult of Shining Stars
  7. Towards the Black Surreal
  8. Transmission KRS
  9. This Dark Dream
  10. Mysteryof the Constellations
  • Mr. Fog
  • Christian "X" Botteri
  • Christopher "C:M" Botteri
  • Anders Kobro

Cease The Day  
2018 Debemur Morti
  1. Empty Streets
  2. Substance Vortex
  3. Respect My Solitude
  4. Cloud Seeder
  5. Still Yearning
  6. Strike Up with the Dawn
  7. Transcending Yesterdays
  8. Cease the Day
  • Mr. Fog
  • Bernt Sørensen
  • Kåre André Sletteberg
  • Anders Kobro

2022 Soulseller
  1. The Coward's Way
  2. Moments
  3. We Sinful Converge
  4. The Malevolent God
  5. A Wonderful Crisis
  6. Humanity
  7. Master of None
  8. Your Dark
  • Bernt Fjellestad
  • Bernt Sørensen
  • Kåre André Sletteberg
  • Nils Drivdal
  • Anders Kobro

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