Origin: Norway  
Genres: Death Metal
Page online: November 20, 2010
Last update/review: November 20, 2010

Insidious Disease

Insidious Disease is a death metal supergroup in every sense of the term, as each of the five guys claim membership in at least one other high-profile band, including but by no means limited to Napalm Death, Nile, Old Man's Child, Morgoth, and Dimmu Borgir. Apparently the project has been around in one form or another since 2004, but perhaps due to coordinating everyone's schedules, it wasn't until 2010 that an album was released, in the form of Shadowcast. While this isn't innovative even for death metal, it's a pretty decent slab of somewhat old-school, straightforward death metal, modernized by a strong production and featuring fine performances all around. Considering the combined pedigrees here, one might have expected something a bit more bleeding-edge, but instead they're content to crank out a steady stream of blistering death, and that's not a bad thing. Like a lot of side projects, it's unclear when, or even if, they'll record again, but Shadowcast is good enough to live up to the members' collective legacy.

Current Members

Marc Grewe

vocals (ex-Comecon, ex-Morgoth)

Silenoz (Sven Atle Kopperud)

guitars (Dimmu Borgir, ex-Nocturnal Breed)

Jardar (Jon Øyvind Andersen)

guitars (ex-Old Man's Child)

Shane Embury

bass (Brujeria, Lock Up, Menace, ex-Meathook Seed, Napalm Death)

Tony Laureano

drums (ex-Acheron, ex-Angelcorpse, Aurora Borealis, guest for God Dethroned, ex-Malevolent Creation, ex-Nachtmystium, ex-Nile)


2010 Century Media
  1. Nuclear Salvation
  2. Boundless
  3. Conceived Through Hate
  4. Abortion Stew
  5. The Desire
  6. Rituals of Bloodshed
  7. Facemask
  8. Insomniac
  9. Value in Flesh
  10. Abandonment
  11. Leprosy (Death cover)
  • Marc Grewe
  • Silenoz
  • Jardar
  • Shane Embury
  • Tony Laureano

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