Origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA  
Genres: Death Metal
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Page online: June 28, 2004
Last update/review: September 26, 2007


Pennsylvanian death mongers Insatanity released two albums of prime brutal American death metal in the mid-nineties, establishing themselves as a force in the death metal scene. Several years after their last album's release, bassist Chris Lytle, having switched to lead vocals, recruited an all-new lineup. Despite his and other members' commitments to other bands, the new lineup intends on recording, though no timetable is known.

Current Members

Chris Lytle

vocals/bass (ex-Pyrexia)

Vincent DiBona


Demian Gordon


Brandon Iscariot


Former Members/Guests

Mark Rhochar


Dan Roberts


Jay Lipitz


Dave Spencer

guitars/vocals (Devourment)

Ed Drozdowsky


Matt Mazzenga


Dave Kinkade

drums (guest for Borknagar, ex-Council Of The Fallen, ex-Soulfly)


Divine Decomposition  
1995 Unisound
  1. Begotten, Not Made
  2. Shemhamforash
  3. Diabolical Indignation
  4. Transfiguration
  5. Divine Decomposition
  6. Under the Baphomet
  7. Rex Judaeorum
  8. Angels of the Apocalypse
  9. The Blood is the Life
  • Mark Rhochar
  • Chris Lytle
  • Dan Roberts
  • Jay Lipitz
  • Matt Mazzenga

Vengeance From Beyond The Grave  
1997 Mortal Coil
  1. Holocaust Divinity
  2. At One With Infinity
  3. Vengeance From Beyond the Grave
  4. Mortification
  5. The Great Abstinence
  6. Unjaded
  • Mark Rhochar
  • Dan Roberts
  • Jay Lipitz
  • Matt Mazzenga

The Black Stone  EP
2005 Descended Lord
  1. Born Into The Arms Of Satan
  2. Pretenders to the Throne
  3. Smell the Incense
  4. The Black Stone
  • Chris Lytle
  • Dave Spencer
  • Matt Mazzenga

The Day God Died  
  1. I am God
  2. Hail Thy Self
  3. Drive the Nail
  4. The Plague of Amon
  5. Dark Friday Overture
  6. The Day God Died
  7. Demons Within Creation
  8. Eulogy of the Damned
  9. Consuming the Light
  10. Buried in Dark Embrace
  11. Trail of Terror
  12. Where Chaos Reigns
  • Chris Lytle
  • Dave Spencer
  • Ed Drozdowsky
  • Dave Kinkade

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