Origin: USA  
Genres: Sludge Metal
Page online: June 8, 2020
Last update/review: June 8, 2020


Featuring three guys from Agalloch as well as a Giant Squid member, the stakes were high for this band upon their formation in 2016. And on 2018's Salt, Khôrada delivered, with a sound that borrowed from their past bands but broadened and expanded, their basic style slotting somewhere between sludge and post-metal. with Aaron Gregory's distinctive Squid vocals in full force. Critics were enthusiastic about the band, even if this style isn't the most commercially viable, and things seemed to be on the rise. Instead, they quietly disbanded in 2019.

Last Lineup

Aaron Gregory

vocals/guitars (ex-Giant Squid, Squalus)

Jason William Walton

bass (ex-Agalloch, Sculptured, ex-Subterranean Masquerade)

Don Anderson

guitars (ex-Agalloch, Sculptured)

Aesop Dekker

drums (ex-Agalloch, ex-Ludicra, Vhöl)


2018 Prophecy
  1. Edeste
  2. Season of Salt
  3. Water Rights
  4. Glacial Gold
  5. Augustus
  6. Wave State
  7. Ossify
  • Aaron Gregory
  • Jason William Walton
  • Don Anderson
  • Aesop Dekker

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