Origin: Madison, Wisconsin, USA  
Genres: Alternative Metal
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Last update/review: June 25, 2023

Last Crack

Last Crack is somewhat of a curiosity, and not just because their vocalist posed nearly naked on their debut album cover. This is a band intent on doing things their own way, with a musical style that was rooted in accessible metal but veered off in several directions, making them tough to describe or pigeonhole. Two albums came and went, garnering critical praise for their diversity and originality, but the band wasn't really promoted all that well and they never made much headway popularity-wise. A modified lineup recorded some demos and eventually self-released them as the rare RunHeadStartScreaming album in 1994, and the band broke up soon afterward. They reunited in late 2002 and eventually a live album was released in 2005, and then they went silent again until 2017, with the guys getting together yet again to release The Up Rising in 2019, reportedly still in the quirky 90's alterna-metal style they've always played.

Current Members

Buddo Xavier Rank

vocals (ex-White Fear Chain)

Paul Schluter


Don Bakken


Todd Winger


Chris Havey


Former Members/Guests

Shawn Brown


Phil Buerstatte

drums RIP: May 18, 2013, age 46


Sinister Funkhouse #17  
1990 Roadrunner
  1. Good Mourning From The Funkhouse
  2. Gush Volcano Crush (G.V.C.)
  3. Blood Brothers Of The Big Black Bear
  4. Concrete Slaughterdogs
  5. Slicing Steel
  6. Saraboyscage
  7. The Last Crack
  8. Shelter
  9. Terse
  10. Thee Abyss
  • Buddo Xavier Rank
  • Paul Schluter
  • Don Bakken
  • Todd Winger
  • Phil Buerstatte

Burning Time  
1991 Roadrunner
  1. Wicked Sandbox
  2. Mini Toboggan
  3. Energy Mind
  4. My Burning Time
  5. Precious Human Stress
  6. Love, Craig
  7. Love Or Surrender
  8. Mack Bolasses
  9. Blue Fly, Fish Sky
  10. Papa Mugaya
  11. Down Beat Dirt Messiah
  12. Oooh
  • Buddo Xavier Rank
  • Paul Schluter
  • Don Bakken
  • Todd Winger
  • Phil Buerstatte

1994 independent
  1. Squeeze It
  2. Speak The Ocean
  3. Her
  4. Theory
  5. Why?
  6. Forest Mother
  7. Deeper Digging
  8. Structures
  9. Fill The Cup
  10. Try
  11. Beat Of My Blood
  • Shawn Brown
  • Paul Schluter
  • Don Bakken
  • Todd Winger
  • Chris Havey

Burning Funkhouse Live  LIVE
  1. Precious Human Stress
  2. Kiss a the Cold
  3. The Last Crack
  4. Blood Brothers of the Big Black Bear
  5. Mack Bolasses
  6. Saraboyscage
  7. Concrete Slaughterdogs
  8. Slicing Steel
  9. Gush Volcano Crush
  10. Wicked Sandbox
  11. Mini Tobaggan
  12. Love, Craig
  13. Blue Fly Fish Sky
  14. Energy Mind
  15. My Burning Time
  16. Downbeat Dirt Messiah

The Up Rising  
  1. Siren Song
  2. Golden Age
  3. Icicle
  4. Passenger
  5. Blame
  6. Greta Grinder
  7. Three Ghosts
  8. Sensei
  9. Paper Town
  10. Discipline
  11. Pinned
  12. Bullet Train
  • Buddo Xavier Rank
  • Paul Schluter
  • Don Bakken
  • Todd Winger
  • Chris Havey

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