Origin: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA  
Last update/review: June 25, 2023

White Fear Chain

White Fear Chain featured the enigmatic vocalist Buddo from Last Crack and three members from then-long-lost Realm. The result, Visceral Life, shows Buddo to be the dominant force, as the band sounds more like a metallic Last Crack, rather than sounding anything like the progressive thrash of Realm, and the lyrics (from what can be gathered) are as quirky as one might expect given Buddo's past. The band never recorded again, but two of the three Realm guys eventually returned to that band in 2019.

Last Lineup

Buddo Xavier Rank

vocals (Last Crack)

Paul Laganowski

guitars (ex-Realm) RIP: March 20, 2017, cancer, age 53

Takis Kinis

guitars (ex-Realm)

Steve Post

bass (ex-Realm, ex-Zebulon Pike)

Brian Reidinger



Visceral Life  
1996 ITG
  1. Visceral Life
  2. Daily Into Darkness
  3. Roaches In The Lamplight Screaming
  4. Before You Go
  5. V
  6. Shotgun Mouth
  7. Alive
  8. El Cabellero Diablo
  9. Peppermint Twist
  10. Slave Become King
  11. Headstone
  • Buddo Xavier Rank
  • Paul Laganowski
  • Takis Kinis
  • Steve Post
  • Brian Reidinger

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