Origin: Glenn Dale, Maryland, USA  
Genres: Doom Metal, Stoner Rock
Last update/review: August 29, 2005

Life Beyond

With all three members steeped in the rich DC doom tradition, it's no surprise that Life Beyond's style was classic stoner/doom metal. They debuted with an EP in 2000 and two years later came the impressive full-length album, Thousand Vision Mist. Despite their relative obscurity, these guys were as good as any in the field of modern American doom metal.

Last Lineup

Danny Kenyon

guitars/vocals (ex-Vortex Of Insanity)

Louis Strachan

bass (ex-Iron Man, ex-Wretched)

Gus Basilika

drums (ex-Indestroy, ex-Wretched)


Ancient Worlds  EP
2000 self-released
  1. Never Dead
  2. Sacred Life
  3. Black Rainbow
  4. Resistance
  • Danny Kenyon
  • Louis Strachan
  • Gus Basilika

Thousand Vision Mist  
2002 Sweden Rock
  1. Aftermath
  2. Old Fashioned Spirit
  3. Keep You Well
  4. Inside The Voice Of Truth
  5. First Born
  6. Endless Sea
  7. Gift Of Life
  8. Dejamnesia/Out Of A Dream
  9. Angry Friver
  10. Thousand Vision Mist
  11. Never Dead
  12. Sacred Life
  • Danny Kenyon
  • Louis Strachan
  • Gus Basilika

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