Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Stoner Rock
Last update/review: January 21, 2007

Mushroom River Band

With a name like the Mushroom River Band, one might expect some sort of psychedelic and/or stoner rock, and sure enough it's classic stoner metal that's on display here, though not of the trippy/psychedelic variety. Fans of Spiritual Beggars will likely recognize vocalist Spice, who for some time was in both Beggars and MRB before opting out of the former to concentrate his efforts here. His is a prototypical stoner metal voice, not too far removed from Kyuss frontman John Garcia, and in general the Mushrooms don't add much new to the genre but nonetheless are clearly an accomplished and heavy band, in fact they do sound quite a bit like the Beggars at times. Comparing their two albums, the debut Music For The World Beyond would appear to be the more experimental and diverse, while Simsalabim is more straightforward in its pedal-to-the-metal approach. They broke up somewhere around 2004.

Last Lineup

Spice (Christian Sjöstrand)

vocals (Kayser, ex-Spiritual Beggars)

Anders Linusson


Alexander Sekulovski


Chris Rockström



Music For The World Beyond  
2000 MeteorCity
  1. To the World Beyond
  2. Mud-Crusher
  3. Racing
  4. Way to Go
  5. 29' 2½" (into thin air)
  6. The Mushroom River
  7. More Beer (Pelekas part I)
  8. Addicted
  9. Sir B's Tune
  10. A Sad Story
  11. Nurse
  12. Free
  13. Loser's Blues (japanese bonus track)
  • Spice
  • Anders Linusson
  • Alexander Sekulovski
  • Chris Rockström

2002 MeteorCity
  1. Simsalabim
  2. Bugs
  3. Make It Happen
  4. Change It
  5. My Vote Is Blank
  6. Tree Of No Hope
  7. Proud Of Being Cool
  8. Time-Laps
  9. The Big Sick Machine
  10. Run, Run, Run
  11. DDD (LP bonus track)
  12. Enemies We Stay (Japanese bonus track)
  • Spice
  • Anders Linusson
  • Alexander Sekulovski
  • Chris Rockström

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