Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Power Metal
Last update/review: July 4, 2015


Meduza was formed at the end of the nineties by guitarist Stefan Berg, eventually recording a demo and a promo CD, the latter featuring session vocals by Kristian Andren (Tad Morose, Memento Mori, and others). By 2001 Greek-born vocalist Apollo Papathanasio (best known for his work in Firewind) came in to complete the lineup, and thus far two albums have been released. Their style is best described as melodic power metal with some classical tendencies, topped with powerful, throaty vocals that for some reason bring David Coverdale to mind (probably not the most accurate vocal description there, but there you go). There is a clear nod to early Crimson Glory, as the guitars often have that faint Middle Eastern feel that was a trademark of CG in their early days. The songwriting is quite good, the band managing to forge their own identity even though they really never stray far from the basic formula. They don't seem to be around anymore.

Last Lineup

Apollo Papathanasio

vocals (ex-Evil Masquerade, ex-Firewind, Spiritual Beggars)

Stefan Berg

guitars (The Forsaken)

Jonas Edström


Jan Larsson


Ola Gronlund



Now And Forever  
2002 Massacre
  1. Now And Forever
  2. Holy Ground
  3. Hounds Of Hell
  4. Sleep
  5. Touch The Sky
  6. I Will Rise
  7. Twilight Of My Mind
  8. Shed No Tears
  9. Curse Of Pharaoh
  10. Land Of Forgotten Dreams
  11. Burn In Hell
  • Apollo Papathanasio
  • Stefan Berg
  • Jonas Edström
  • Jan Larsson
  • Ola Gronlund

Upon The World  
2004 Massacre
  1. Divina comedia
  2. The vision
  3. Dream on
  4. Upon the world
  5. Face of a demon
  6. Can you tell
  7. Voices
  8. Design for life
  9. In death
  • Apollo Papathanasio
  • Stefan Berg
  • Jonas Edström
  • Jan Larsson
  • Ola Gronlund

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