Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Hard Rock, Christian Metal
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Last update/review: August 12, 2019


Swedish hard rockers Narnia started as a more of a project than a band, with the debut, Awakening, recorded as a duo featuring guitarist Carl Johan Grimmark playing all instruments and Christian Liljegren singing. They expanded to a proper five-piece shortly thereafter, and have since released several similar albums, first in the neoclassical melodic hard rock arena and later blending in power/progressive undertones, highlighted by Grimmark's Yngwie Malmsteen-esque guitarwork and the melodic vocals of Lilgegren, likened by some to Don Dokken. Some might be put off by the rather overt Christian lyrics, though there are preachier bands out there. Far from the heaviest band in existence, they were nonetheless fine in the melodic hard rock field. They broke up in 2010, but reformed four years later.

Current Members

Christian Liljegren

vocals (ex-Divinefire)

Jonatan Samuelsson


Martin Härenstam


Andreas Johansson

drums (The Doomsday Kingdom, ex-Divinefire, Royal Hunt)

Former Members/Guests

Germán Pascual


Carl Johan Grimmark

guitars (ex-Beautiful Sin, guest for Saviour Machine)

Jakob Persson


Andreas Olsson

bass (ex-Divinefire, Royal Hunt, Stormwind)

Martin Claesson



1998 Nuclear Blast
  1. Break the chains
  2. No more shadows from the past
  3. Return of Aslan
  4. Heavenly love
  5. Time of changes
  6. The awakening
  7. Touch from you
  8. Sign of the time
  • Christian Liljegren
  • Carl Johan Grimmark

Long Live The King  
1999 Nuclear Blast
  1. Gates Of Paravel
  2. Living Water
  3. Shelter Through The Pain
  4. The Mission
  5. What You Give Is What You Get
  6. The Lost Son
  7. Can't Get Enough Of You
  8. Long Live The King
  9. Dangerous Game
  10. Shadowlands
  • Christian Liljegren
  • Carl Johan Grimmark
  • Jakob Persson
  • Martin Claesson
  • Andreas Johansson

Desert Land  
2001 Nuclear Blast
  1. Inner Sanctum
  2. The Witch & The Lion
  3. Falling From The Throne
  4. Revolution Of Mother Earth
  5. The Light At The End Of Tunnel
  6. Angels Are Crying
  7. Walking The Wire
  8. Misty Morning
  9. Trapped In This Age
  • Christian Liljegren
  • Carl Johan Grimmark
  • Jakob Persson
  • Martin Claesson
  • Andreas Johansson

The Great Fall  
2003 Nuclear Blast
  1. War preludium
  2. The countdown has begun
  3. Back from hell
  4. No time to lose
  5. Innocent blood
  6. Ground zero
  7. Judgement day
  8. Desert land
  9. The great fall of man
  • Christian Liljegren
  • Carl Johan Grimmark
  • Andreas Olsson
  • Martin Claesson
  • Andreas Johansson

Enter The Gate  
2006 Massacre
  1. Into this game
  2. People of the bloodred cross
  3. Another world
  4. Show all the world
  5. Enter the gate
  6. Take me home
  7. This is my life
  8. Aiming higher
  9. The man from Nazareth
  • Christian Liljegren
  • Carl Johan Grimmark
  • Andreas Olsson
  • Andreas Johansson

Course Of A Generation  
2009 Massacre
  1. Sail Around The World
  2. When The Stars Are Falling
  3. Course Of A Generation
  4. Scared
  5. Kings Will Come
  6. Rain
  7. Armageddon
  8. One Way To Freedom
  9. Miles Away
  10. Behind The Curtain
  • Germán Pascual
  • Carl Johan Grimmark
  • Andreas Olsson
  • Andreas Johansson

  1. Reaching for the Top
  2. Still Believe
  3. Highest Mountain
  4. Set the World on Fire
  5. Thank You
  6. Who Do You Follow
  7. Moving On
  8. Messengers
  9. One Way to the Promised Land
  • Christian Liljegren
  • Carl Johan Grimmark
  • Andreas Olsson
  • Martin Härenstam
  • Andreas Johansson

From Darkness To Light  
2019 independent
  1. A Crack in the Sky
  2. You Are the Air That I Breathe
  3. Has the River Run Dry
  4. The Armor of God
  5. MNFST
  6. The War That Tore the Land
  7. Sail On
  8. I Will Follow
  9. From Darkness to Light (Part 1)
  10. From Darkness to Light (Part 2)
  • Christian Liljegren
  • Carl Johan Grimmark
  • Jonatan Samuelsson
  • Martin Härenstam
  • Andreas Johansson

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