Origin: Germany  
Genres: Power Metal
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Page online: April 7, 2011
Last update/review: July 16, 2017

Orden Ogan

The oddly-named Ordan Ogan date back to 1996, recording several demos in the late nineties and albums in 2004 and 2008 before releasing Easton Hope in 2010. Apparently their earlier work is more in a folk metal vein, but on Easton Hope the folk influences are not to be found, the band streamlining their brand of epic, orchestral power metal. Like many European power metal bands, Ordan Ogan is less about expanding musical boundaries than gathering influences and perfecting their craft. Plagiarists these guys aren't -- while the band doesn't sound overtly original, they manage to take the best of power metal and blend in symphonic and progressive influences to great effect. The production is ultra-crystal-clear, nary a note or sound out of place, and to their credit there's plenty of depth and variation among the songs. The power metal field has been oversaturated for so many years now, making it all the more difficult for newer bands to make a name for themselves. Ordan Ogan may be on their way to the major league, but even if they don't make it, Easton Hope stands proud as a well-done power metal album.

Current Members

Sebastian Levermann


Tobias Kersting


Dirk Meyer-Berhorn


Former Members/Guests

Stefan Manarin


Sebastian Severin


Lars Schneider


Niels Loffler


Nils Weise


Verena Melchert


Sebastian Grütling



Testimonium A.D.  
2004 self-released
  1. Testimonium A.D.
  2. Ethereal Ocean
  3. Angels War
  4. Moods
  5. Y, U, Id Ant My
  6. Golden
  7. The Step Away
  • Sebastian Levermann
  • Stefan Manarin
  • Sebastian Severin
  • Nils Weise
  • Verena Melchert
  • Sebastian Grütling

2008 Yonah
  1. Graves Bay
  2. To New Shores of Sadness
  3. Winds of Vale
  4. Farewell
  5. Reality Lost
  6. This Is
  7. This Was
  8. Something Pretending
  9. Lord of the Flies
  10. ...And if You Do Right
  11. What I'm Recalling
  12. A Friend of Mine
  13. Candle Lights
  • Sebastian Levermann
  • Tobias Kersting
  • Lars Schneider
  • Nils Weise
  • Sebastian Grütling

Easton Hope  
2010 AFM
  1. Rise And Ruin
  2. Nobody Leaves
  3. Goodbye
  4. Easton Hope
  5. Welcome Liberty
  6. All These Dark Years
  7. Nothing Remains
  8. Requiem
  9. We Are Pirates
  10. The Black Heart
  11. Of Downfall And Decline
  • Sebastian Levermann
  • Tobias Kersting
  • Lars Schneider
  • Nils Weise
  • Sebastian Grütling

Nobody Leaves  COMPILATION
2010 Hard Rocker
  1. Nobody Leaves
  2. All These Dark Years
  3. We Are Pirates! (edit)
  4. To New Shores of Sadness
  5. Farewell
  6. Angel's War
  7. Golden

To The End  
2012 AFM
  1. The Frozen Few
  2. To the End
  3. The Things We Believe In
  4. Land of the Dead
  5. The Ice Kings
  6. Till the Stars Cry Out
  7. This World of Ice
  8. Dying Paradise
  9. Mystic Symphony
  10. Angels War
  11. Take This Light
  • Sebastian Levermann
  • Tobias Kersting
  • Niels Loffler
  • Nils Weise
  • Dirk Meyer-Berhorn

2015 AFM
  1. Orden Ogan
  2. Ravenhead
  3. F.E.V.E.R
  4. The Lake
  5. Evil Lies in Every Man
  6. Here at the End of the World
  7. A Reason to Give
  8. Deaf Among the Blind
  9. Sorrow Is Your Tale
  10. In Grief and Chains
  11. Too Soon
  • Sebastian Levermann
  • Tobias Kersting
  • Niels Loffler
  • Dirk Meyer-Berhorn

2017 AFM
  1. Gunman
  2. Fields of Sorrow
  3. Forlorn and Forsaken
  4. Vampire in Ghost Town
  5. Come with Me to the Other Side
  6. The Face of Silence
  7. Down Here
  8. Ashen Rain
  9. One Last Chance
  10. Finis Coronat Opus
  • Sebastian Levermann
  • Tobias Kersting
  • Niels Loffler
  • Dirk Meyer-Berhorn

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