Origin: Osaka, Japan  
Genres: Melodic Death Metal
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Last update/review: November 18, 2008


The so-called Gothenburg style of melodic death metal is, of course, dominated by Swedish bands, but there are several bands in other parts of the world taking their cue from the likes of In Flames and Dark Tranquillity. As proof of this, one need look no further than Japan's Shadow. Their self-titled debut features virtually every trademark of the genre, with the only down point being that really sound too much like their rivals and not enough like a band attempting to forge some sort of identity. There is one semi-novelty here, and that is that the vocalist is female, though anyone listening to the album without that knowledge would be very hard-pressed to detect that. She doesn't simply sing aggressively, she truly sounds like a male death metal vocalist. Though they are lacking in originality a bit, they are not lacking in execution or conviction, as Shadow is a potent melodic death metal album, well produced and clearly delivering the goods.

Last Lineup

Tokiko Shimamoto


Yuichi Sumimoto


Yoshio Kubo


Mitsuhiro Enomoto


Former Members/Guests

Shinichiro Okada



2001 Century Media
  1. The Arrival At The Last Quarter
  2. Lunar Eclipse
  3. Eden
  4. Weep For The Sin
  5. Beyond The Drizzly Nights
  6. The Reunion In The Soul Asylum
  7. Breath Of Awakening
  8. Observes From The Satellite
  9. Towards Obsession
  • Tokiko Shimamoto
  • Yuichi Sumimoto
  • Shinichiro Okada
  • Yoshio Kubo
  • Mitsuhiro Enomoto

Forever Chaos  
2008 Spinefarm
  1. Forever Chaos
  2. The Existence Of Suffering
  3. Before True Light
  4. Within The Winter Silence
  5. The Orators
  6. Master Of Impieties
  7. Wings Of Flame
  8. My Apologies
  9. Shudders Hell
  10. Land Of A Dream
  11. Black Magic
  • Tokiko Shimamoto
  • Yuichi Sumimoto
  • Yoshio Kubo
  • Mitsuhiro Enomoto

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