Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Death Metal
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Last update/review: March 12, 2007


Soulreaper was formed by two former members of Dissection soon after that band's breakup in the mid-nineties. The new band originally went by the name Reaper, and it wasn't until their debut album was set for release that legal problems arose concerning the band name, and at that time they changed it to Soulreaper. Not surprisingly, Soulreaper play death metal, but not the melodic variety that Dissection helped pioneer. Instead, the style here is more brutal, with some nods to current black metal as well. Comparing their two releases thus far, it's the debut, Written In Blood, that is the more frenetic of the two, with Life Erazer being slightly more controlled, and with a bit better production as well. The band broke up probably around 2005 or 2006.

Last Lineup

Christoffer Hjerten


Stefan Karlsson


Johan Norman

guitars (ex-Dissection, Trident)

Mikael Lång


Tobias Kellgren

drums (ex-Dissection, ex-Wolf)

Former Members/Guests

Christoffer Hermansson



Written In Blood  
2000 Nuclear Blast
  1. Darken The Sign
  2. Written In Blood
  3. Satanized
  4. Seal Of Degradation
  5. Ungodly
  6. Subterranean Might
  7. Labyrinth Of The Deathlord
  • Christoffer Hjerten
  • Christoffer Hermansson
  • Johan Norman
  • Mikael Lång
  • Tobias Kellgren

Life Erazer  
2003 Hammerheart
  1. The Unholy (Intro)
  2. Godless Reaper Of Souls
  3. Son Of The Dead
  4. Static Darkness
  5. Life Erazer
  6. The Slow Fall Of Death
  7. Transcending The Fall
  8. Blood Chapter
  9. Devil's Speech
  10. Pain Within
  11. Fall From Grace
  • Christoffer Hjerten
  • Stefan Karlsson
  • Johan Norman
  • Mikael Lång
  • Tobias Kellgren

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