Origin: Toronto, Ontario, Canada  
Genres: Melodic Death Metal
Page online: August 5, 2018
Last update/review: August 5, 2018


The Fallen Sun, the 2916 indie-released debut full-length from this Toronto band following a debut EP two years earlier, shows the slightly misleadingly named Sludgehammer (seemingly a perfect name for a doom/sludge band) artfully mixing thrash, melodic death, and a bit of groove, with mostly barked deathy vocals alongside well-placed clean backing vocals. A good blend of ferocity and accessibility, combined with a stellar production, makes for a solid listen. Still an unsigned band as of this writing, Sludgehammer are worth checking out.

Current Members

Josh Stephney


Jeff Wilson

guitars (Abigail Williams, ex-Nachtmystium)

Tyler Williams


Dan Ayers

bass/backing vocals

Fernando Villalobos


Former Members/Guests

Chris Szarota



Organ Harvester  EP
  1. Organ Harvester
  2. Raising Spirits
  3. Feasible Immortality
  4. Payment Due
  5. Wendigo
  6. Eradicate
  • Chris Szarota
  • Jeff Wilson
  • Tyler Williams
  • Dan Ayers
  • Fernando Villalobos

The Fallen Sun  
  1. Demons from the Woodwork
  2. Intestines Entwined
  3. The Black Abyss
  4. Ectogenesis
  5. Carrion Eater
  6. Consuming Afterbirth
  7. Carnivorous Forest
  8. Utopian
  9. Revolting
  10. Organ Harvester
  11. Casualties
  • Chris Szarota
  • Jeff Wilson
  • Tyler Williams
  • Dan Ayers
  • Fernando Villalobos

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