Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Gothic Metal
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Page online: March 9, 2006
Last update/review: January 25, 2011


Slumber was formed in Sweden in 2002 by vocalist Siavosh Bigonah, keyboardist Ehsan Kalantarpour (both of Persian descent) and guitarist Jari Lindholm, eventually filling out to a seven-member band. On the strength of two demos, Karmageddon Media signed the band, originally intending to release the demos as a debut album, though eventually the band decided to re-record most of those songs for that debut album, 2004's Fallout. The band operate in the melancholic, dark metal arena that always brings Katatonia to mind, as well as bands such as Rapture. The songs flow well, with an excellent sense of pace and mood, with the occasional female choired vocals providing a nice contrast to Bigonah's growl. Fallout is a winner, and highly recommended to fans of the aforementioned bands. Unfortunately various issues prevented the band from moving forward, and six years after the release of Fallout, with a long-awaited new album not yet released, Slumber folded. Some members are continuing in a new band called Atoma, and it has been reported that that second album, originally called Resonance, will be released with a new title under the Atoma name in 2011.

Last Lineup

Siavosh Bigonah


Jari Lindholm


Markus Hill


Mikael Brunkvist


Ehsan Kalantarpour


Ted Larsson


Former Members/Guests

Daniel Albertsson



2004 Karmageddon Media
  1. Rapture
  2. Conflict
  3. Where Nothing Was Left
  4. Fallout
  5. Distress
  6. Dreamscape
  7. A Wanders Star
  • Siavosh Bigonah
  • Jari Lindholm
  • Daniel Albertsson
  • Mikael Brunkvist
  • Ehsan Kalantarpour
  • Ted Larsson

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