Origin: Netherlands
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Catalog # Band Album Year
KARMA003 Aeternus Beyond The Wandering Moon 1997
KARMA004 Aeternus ... And So The Night Became 1998
KARMA067 Blood Red Throne Monument Of Death 2001
KARMA068 Blood Red Throne Affiliated With The Suffering 2003
KARMA055 Callenish Circle Forbidden Empathy (2CD) 2004
KARMA024 Cruachan Tuatha Na Gael 1995
KARMA027 Cruachan The Middle Kingdom 2000
KARMA028 Cruachan Folk-Lore 2002
KARMA026 Cruachan Pagan 2004
Cruachan The Morrigan's Call 2006
Cruachan A Celtic Legacy 2007
KARMA073 Defleshed Abrah Kadavrah 1996
KARMA074 Defleshed Under The Blade 1997
KARMA092 Dismember Like An Ever-Flowing Stream 1991
KARMA... Dismember Where Ironcrosses Grow 2004
KARMA082 Dissection The Past Is Alive (Early Mischief) 1997
KARMA038 Divercia Cycle Of Zero 2004
KARMA069 Flesh Made Sin Dawn Of The Stillborn 2004
Flesh Made Sin The Aftermath Of Amen 2008
KARMA029 Forefather Deep Into Time 1999
KARMA030 Forefather The Fighting Man 2000
KARMA033 Forefather Engla Tocyme 2002
KARMA044 Forefather Ours Is The Kingdom 2004
KARMA031 Hearse Armageddon Mon Amour 2004
KARMA077 Hearse Cambodia 2005
Hearse The Last Ordeal 2005
KARMA065 Impious The Killer 2002
KARMA066 Impious Born To Suffer 2004
KARMA098 In The Woods ... A Return To The Isle Of Men 1996
KARMA070 Mithotyn In The Sign Of The Ravens 1997
KARMA071 Mithotyn King Of The Distant Forest 1997
KARMA072 Mithotyn Gathered Around The Oaken Table 1999
KARMA005 Morifade Domination 2004
KARMA009 Nile
KARMA... Nocturnus
Nocturnus The Nocturnus Demos 2004
KARMA090 Primordial Imrama 1995
KARMA091 Primordial A Journey's End 1998
KARMA089 Primordial Spirit The Earth Aflame 2000
KARMA088 Primordial Storm Before Calm 2002
KARMA013 Project: Failing Flesh A Beautiful Sickness 2004
KARMA010 Septicflesh Sumerian Daemons 2003
KARMA052 Slumber Fallout 2004
KARMA061 The Kovenant In Times Before The Light 1997
The Monolith Deathcult The White Crematorium 2005
KARMA093 Thyrfing Urkraft 2000
KARMA001 Torture Killer For Maggots To Devour 2003
KARMA011 V/A Nordic Metal
KARMA006 V/A Seven Gates Of Horror
KARMA020 Within Y Extended Mental Dimensions 2004

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