Origin: Finland  
Genres: Death Metal
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Page online: October 12, 2006
Last update/review: February 15, 2015

Torture Killer

Here's a band bio you don't read every day: A band is formed, named after a song by their favorite group, and are later joined by a member of the very group that inspired them in the first place. Such is the tale of Torture Killer, a Finnish band who got together to play some Six Feet Under tunes, eventually naming themselves after a SFU song. An album was recorded in 2003, and in 2005 the band was approached by none other than SFU frontman Chris Barnes, who was currently on tour in Europe and took a liking to the band. As they were without a vocalist at the time, one thing led to another, and Barnes officially joined the band, also helping them get signed to Metal Blade Records for their 2006 sophomore release, Swarm!. And the music? Not suprisingly, it's not too far removed from prime SFU, that being death metal with more of an emphasized on mid-paced groove than twisted riffing, with Barnes supplying the quality death vocals one would expect from him. Though Barnes is no longer here, the band has recorded as late as 2012.

Current Members

Passi Haltsonen


Jari Laine

guitars (ex-Crimson Midwinter)

Tuomas Karppinen

guitars (ex-Archgoat)

Kim Torniainen


Tuomo Latvala

drums (ex-Demigod, Omnium Gatherum)

Former Members/Guests

Matti Liuke


Chris Barnes

vocals (ex-Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under)

Juri Sallinen


Taneli Hatakka

guitars (ex-Crimson Midwinter)


For Maggots To Devour  
2003 Karmageddon Media
  1. Flesh Breaks to Open Wounds
  2. Sadistic Violation
  3. Motivated to Kill
  4. Necrophag
  5. Fuck Them When They Bleed
  6. No Time to Bleed
  7. Torture to Death
  8. Gore Terror
  9. Strangulation
  • Matti Liuke
  • Jari Laine
  • Taneli Hatakka
  • Tuomas Karppinen
  • Tuomo Latvala

2006 Metal Blade
  1. Swarm!
  2. Forever Dead
  3. A Funeral For the Masses
  4. Multiple Counts of Murder
  5. Obsessed With Homicide
  6. Sadistic
  7. Cannibal Gluttony
  8. I Killed You
  9. Heading Towards the Butchery
  10. A Violent Scene of Death
  • Chris Barnes
  • Jari Laine
  • Tuomas Karppinen
  • Kim Torniainen
  • Tuomo Latvala

2009 Dynamic Arts
  1. Crypts
  2. I Bathe In Their Blood
  3. The Art Of Impalement
  4. By Their Corpse
  5. Coffins
  6. Rats Can Sense The Murder
  7. Scourging At The Pillar
  8. Sewers
  • Juri Sallinen
  • Jari Laine
  • Tuomas Karppinen
  • Kim Torniainen
  • Tuomo Latvala

I chose Death  EP
2012 Dynamic Arts
  1. And All Will End in Terror
  2. Succumb to Dark (Demigod cover)
  3. I Chose Death
  • Passi Haltsonen
  • Jari Laine
  • Tuomas Karppinen
  • Kim Torniainen
  • Tuomo Latvala

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