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Last update/review: May 10, 2005


Michael Harris is a workaholic guitarist, a la David Chastain (with whom he has recorded in the past), and Surgeon is one of several bands he has played in over the years, in addition to solo work. Encyclopedia Of The Insane features straightforward metal with excellent musicianship, particularly by Harris. He has a very flashy style, but doesn't let his solos or riffs get in the way of the songs, unlike other guitar-hero types. Accessible yet not overtly poppy, Encyclopedia was a fine album in its day.

Last Lineup

Len Jarrell

vocals (ex-Unleashed Power)

Michael Harris


James Martin


Matt Thompson

drums (Aghora, Imagika, King Diamond, ex-Single Bullet Theory, Shaolin Death Squad)


Encyclopedia Of The Insane  
1996 Imminent Music
  1. Dr. Psycho
  2. Gunned Down
  3. Concussion
  4. Robotix
  5. Raging Beast Inside Me
  6. Injection Overruled
  7. Cranial Espionage
  8. The Ghost Inside
  9. Blood Drops On The Page
  10. Ode To A Dictator
  11. Black Of Your Mind
  • Len Jarrell
  • Michael Harris
  • James Martin
  • Matt Thompson
1996 Readers' Album #88

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