Origin: Miami, Florida, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Last update/review: June 21, 2015


Aghora was formed by guitarist Santiago Dobles and gained some fame with its 1999 self-titled release as it featured the rhythm section of Sean Malone and Sean Reinert, of the then-recently-disbanded Cynic. Aghora, the album, is an intriguing fusion/metal/rock album, featuring smooth melodic vocals from Danishta Rivero, excellent guitarwork from two guitarists with differing backgrounds (one, Dobles, seems more jazz/fusion-based, the other, Charlie Ekendahl, metal-based), and exactly the masterful rhythm section work that one would expect from the Cynic Seans. There is quite a bit of variety here, the band is quite willing to explore different moods and styles. By the time of the followup Formless in 2006 the lineup had changed greatly, and the recent lineups no longer feature the Cynic Seans.

Current Members

Diana Serra


Santiago Dobles

lead guitar/programming (ex-Pestilence)

Alan Goldstein


Matt Thompson

drums (Imagika, King Diamond, ex-Single Bullet Theory, Shaolin Death Squad, ex-Surgeon)

Former Members/Guests

Danishta Rivero


Charlie Ekendahl


Sean Malone

bass (ex-Cynic, ex-Gordian Knot, ex-O.S.I.) RIP: December 9, 2020, suicide, age 50

Sean Reinert

drums (ex-Cynic, ex-Death, ex-Flametal, ex-Gordian Knot) RIP: January 24, 2020, age 48

Giann Rubio



1999 Code666
  1. Immortal Bliss
  2. Satya
  3. Transfiguration
  4. Frames
  5. Mind's Reality
  6. Kali Yuga
  7. Jivatma
  8. Existence
  9. Anugraha
  • Danishta Rivero
  • Santiago Dobles
  • Charlie Ekendahl
  • Sean Malone
  • Sean Reinert

  1. Lotus
  2. Atmas Heave
  3. Moksha
  4. Open Close The Book
  5. Garuda
  6. Dual Alchemy
  7. Dime
  8. 1316
  9. Fade
  10. Skinned
  11. Mahayana
  12. Formless
  13. Purification
  • Diana Serra
  • Santiago Dobles
  • Alan Goldstein
  • Sean Reinert
  • Giann Rubio

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